Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 130

Everyone managed to make it through the toddler stage so now it's party time!

Star: "Party time!"
Carlee: "Calm down old lady."


Colette is still adorable and in the lead for heir.

Carlee: "Are you ready for your party?"


Nothing creepy about this...


Callie is adorable!

Callie: "If I'm adorable why do I have to clean this nasty toilet?"
Even adorable Sims have chores.

Colette: "DAD! Why did you wake me up?!?!"

Carlee: "Why did you skip school?!"
Brenaden: "I didn't feel like going, no big deal."
Carlee: "It IS a big deal, you are grounded!"

I don't think the cemetery is the best place for a field trip.

Colette: "Look at the cute wittle puppy dog, you wanna play?"
Hershey: "Kid, you are strange."

Jayce: "Eugh, why do you get to be heir?"
Colette: "Because I'm awesome, that's why."

Kassius: "A lot of kids equals a lot of dirty laundry, evil laundry.."

Colette: "I must discover this potion so I can cure the craziness going on around here."
At least she has good intentions.

Carlee: "We need to get out of here now, Colette is mixing potions and you know how that ends!"

THIS is how it always ends.

Bad dog! Stop destroying the new couch!

Time for the school skipping weirdo to grow up!

Brenaden is very handsome and a Carlee clone!

Brenaden: "Watch this video and see how long it takes for you to be shocked. Hmm.. sounds interesting."

Brenaden: "NO, no! Exit out!"

Lyrica: "Wanna play?"

I guess that was a yes!

Jayce: "If I beat you I get to be heir."
Carlee: "I don't think it works that way."

Colette: "You love me and I'm going to be heir? I'm flattered."

Lyrica: "Too. Short. Someone give me a lift!"


  1. Where did you get that three tier cake?

    1. :)