Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 98

Wait... why are you in Cylee's room in your underwear?!

Brighton: "I actually have a good answer for that question... or no, no I don't."

Cylee: "Just stand here for one second... I have something to show you."

Cylee: "Whoops! I have some slippery fingers sometimes."

No Cylee, what are you doing?! Don't do this, you just met this underwear man!

Brighton: "Oh. My. Gosh!!! It will match my fish undies perfect!"
Cylee: "So I guess that's a yes?"
Brighton: "YES!"

Brighton: "You did this, didn't you?"

Cylee: "I'm not sure I'm ready for this now!"

Cylee: "With this ring I thee wed."

Cue the magical floating hearts, happy Baudelaire's and tears!

Heather: "This is the happiest day of my life!"
Maddox: "Mom didn't ask if I was okay with this."

Cylee: "We need to have weddings more often, this cake is awesome!"
Brighton: "Meh, let's just eat it already."

Cylee: "I'm married?! When did you plan on telling me this?"

I figured you would get the hint when you were standing at the alter.

Brighton: "Gosh, my invisible ring is just so pretty!"
Cylee: "You seriously made me marry this nerd?"

Brighton: "I love you baby Presleigh, I will raise you and love you as my own, you are just too precious!"

Presleigh: "Nom, nom, nom... I eat my toys cuz they taste nummy."

Vegas: "Super kitty to the rescue!!! Oh, I've been spotted."

Cylee has wasted no time with her new husband, it looks like baby number three is on the way for Cylee!

Caden: "This is my birthday, my cake, my party... It's ALL about me!"

Gather the crazies, it's party time!

That awkward moment when you age up into your underwear in front of half of your family, the bad part is they're still cheering.

And here we have our generation 9 heiress! I can't believe Caden will bring generation 10 babies, she will have some beautiful babies!

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