Monday, December 26, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 62

After leaving Brysen and the rest of the family at home to freak out Kieran walked out of the hospital with a bouncing baby girl! I think the Baudelaire's are doomed to have only girls.

Introducing, Piper Baudelaire!

Skyler: "I finished all of my food, can we please have my birthday party now?"

Skyler: "I see all of you looking at my cake."

Poor Brysen, I think the craziness has officially rubbed off on him.

Here is the fun and crazy birthday parade! So many girls.

Skyler: "Yayyyyy!"
*Screams as loud as she can*

Skyler has turned into a beautiful young teenager, I can see so much of her Dad in her, a lot of Rileh too.

Rileh: "That's enough, get out of my face while I'm eating my cake."

Skyler is always holding baby Piper, she can't wait to have one of her own to love and hold, she's going to be a great mother.

Bethany: "Should I eat one of these burnt waffles someone left here on the counter?"

Bethany: "I don't think I should have."

Brysen: "Ooooh, water."
Kieran *Freaks Out*

Brysen: "I think someone is out there!"
Yes Brysen, someone IS out there and they ARE coming to get you.

Like uncle, like niece.

Lanica just passes out in the middle of the upstairs hallway all of the time.

While Boscoe makes a bigger mess with anything he can get his paws on.

Rileh: "Hmmmm... I'm not sure what I want to wish for."

Where is everyone? The birthday crowd is smaller than usual.

Jocelyn: "Make one more noise with that thing and I will..."

Jocelyn: "I have the most amazing evil plan. EVER."

Jocelyn: "Yes, by the time I am done with my evil plan, I will have world domination."

Jocelyn: "But first I must celebrate my birthday with cake!"

Birthday time for baby Piper! So many birthdays happened in two days!

Kieran: "Yay, my baby is growing up!"


The evil Miss Jocelyn is now a Young Adult and is ready to move out and get moving with her evil plan.

Here is the gorgeous baby Piper! She looks so much like her Grandma Lennox, I just love her!


  1. Wow...Piper really does look like Lennox.

    I think my favorite at the moment is Skyler.

    The Baudelaires really need some boys!

  2. I couldn't believe how much Piper looked like Lennox, I thought she was a clone for a minute ;)
    I keep crossing my fingers for a boy but I never get one, the Baudelaire's just keep having girls. I don't want to do the watermelon/apple thing but I might have to because I have been waiting on a boy for the past 4 babies and I love Skyler :)

  3. My favorite one is Keiran :D