Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 57

It turns out that Matthew isn't all that great at repairing things...
Matthew tries = Matthew fails.

Why must you be a rebel and try again?!

Jocelyn is enjoying this a little too much, evil little girl!
Rileh: "Matthew!"

Just spare him this one time Grim, you can't take him away from his girlfriend and unborn baby!

Lynus: "I don't like this!"

Rest in peace, Matthew Rocher.
I know he would have made a wonderful father to his unborn baby, Rileh is going to do her best to make sure he/she knows their Daddy.

Almost time, Matthew should be here for this!

After the loss of Matthew it was taking a while for the Baudelaire's to get over his death, they just can't believe it has happened again, Everleigh's story all over again but that baby will be surrounded with more love than he/she can imagine.
Lennox decided to teach baby Bethany to walk, she was catching on quick too!

Lennox: "That's my baby girl!"

You should know that look by now, generation 7 is on it's way into the Sim world!


  1. Poor Rileh! Losing Matthew like that...all the kids are growing up fast.

    Rileh needs a new man so she can have a boy!

  2. I really want a boy but they are only having girls, I haven't had a boy since Lynus. Rileh really likes Edwin for some reason but that wont happen, she is going to have to find a man somewhere else.