Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 60

Kieran: "Cake, I eat you before you burst into flames."

It's officially a birthday, the birthday crowd has gathered!

Kieran: "It's mah birthday!"

Nice birthday attire.

Now it's time for baby Skyler to grow up, I can't wait to see how beautiful she turns out!

Pajamas, pajamas... underwear! That is definitely not something you wear to a birthday party.


Kieran has turned out beautiful just as I expected, she looks just like Lennox but with different colored hair.

And blue eyed Skyler is turning out just like her Dad but with a chubby face like Rileh had as a child.

Lynus: "So... you like cake?"
Skyler: "Leave me alone, old man."

Kieran has decided to become an Architect so she got busy on her painting skills, maybe she will inherit some of Uncle Lynus' painting skills.

And Skyler is busy creepin' on Facebook.

Kieran: "The pie... it's all gone!"

It looks like one of the neighbors came over for a visit and Kieran has spotted him.

Stranger: "Hi, what's your name?"

Kieran: "My name is Kieran, what about yours?"

Stranger: "My name? Rochlitz... Brysen Rochlitz."

Kieran: "Flowers?! I can't believe you got me flowers!"
I know my Sims move fast but when they are in love there's no reason for them to move slow, is Brysen going to be Kieran's next love or will it turn out the same way it did with her Mom, Lennox?

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