Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 61

Brysen: "Oh my gosh I love the new house!!!"
*Screams like a girl*

Brysen: "And the shiny refrigerator!"

Jocelyn: "Mwahahaha! I must take over this house with my evilness." 

Bethany, Kieran and Brysen enjoyed a nice lunch outside the first day at their new home, it's so peaceful.

Brysen: "I love the new house!"
Kieran: "Me too! Especially your girly scream."

Lanica got busy doing "kitty stuff"

Kieran: "I don't feel so good today."

Brysen: "I'm still just amazed by that refrigerator."
Brysen is a bit strange, he fits in perfect!

Bethany: "Okay now Boscoe, sit."


Lanica is still doing kitty stuff.

Bethany: "YAY! It's my birthday!"

Bethany has turned out beautiful! I think she could be a Sim model.

Wondering why Kieran was feeling bad? Well... she's pregnant! Another Baudelaire baby is on the way, I can't wait to see her baby!

Kieran: "That's right, everyone wants to see my baby."

Kieran: "Yay for babies!"
Sometimes I wonder if the Baudelaire's should reproduce with those insane moments they have.

*Evil Glare*
Jocelyn kind of scares me, she needs to move out. soon.

Brysen: "Care for some pancakes?"

Kieran seems to have a lot of those little moments, she gets a lot from Uncle Lynus.

The big day is getting closer and closer!

Brysen: "I think I can hear it!"

Brysen: "Hey, what's up?"


Brysen: "Ahhhhhhh! Scratch that last question!"

Skyler: "What do we do?!?!"
Just keep freaking out, you're doing a fine job.

And a ghost decides to join in on the panic.

Lennox: "Now you see what I went through when I had you."
Brysen *Freaks Out*


  1. Wow! Bethany is gorgeous.

    Aww...I love Boscoe. I can't believe Lanica is still around!

    1. Hey, you know what they say, cats have nine lives! And Lanica is enjoying still being around because of those nine lives! I'm guessing she lives 9x longer than a normal cat. :)