Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 59

Rileh: "Me no like cake."

Rileh: "Scratch that last thought... me like cake!"
*Happy Dance*

Jocelyn: "Hmmm, I wish for... WORLD DOMINATION!"

Jocelyn is turning out beautiful! I love the Baudelaire blue eyes.

Not loving the evil stare though.

Barking and meowing at the chair, what a productive day for Boscoe and Lanica!

Lanica loves to climb into bed and sleep with anyone that is sleeping in the house, she is such a friendly kitty.

The Baudelaire's got a Christmas tree! Lennox enjoys the tree while she teaches baby Skyler how to talk.

Bethany is growing up so fast, she will be a child before you know it!

Skyler: "Goo goo, gaga."
Rileh: "Oh really?"

Lucy decided that it was time to teach Skyler how to walk, she was catching on quick!

Lucy loves her grand daughter!

Bethany's toddler days flew by, it's already her birthday!

Kieran: "Haha!"
What are you laughing at? You are the one in your underwear.

Now that the crazy birthday crowd has gathered it's time for some sparkly birthday fun!


Here's Bethany, pretty much an exact copy of her Dad.

The first thing Bethany does is check herself out, she loves to look at herself. Again, just like her Dad.

Lennox loves spending time with Skyler, she spends more time with her than Rileh does.

Jocelyn *Stalks*
I don't know which one I should be more afraid of... the ghost or Jocelyn stalking the ghost.

Jocelyn: "Eughh, ghosts are gross."

All of the girls are growing up so fast!

The time has come for my girls to go to Prom, I am so happy, no I'm sad... they've grown up too fast! Kieran looks beautiful in her Prom dress.

And Jocelyn looks gorgeous and evil, as always!

I knew the day would come, it's time for Lynus to become an old man! A sad but happy day in the Baudelaire household.
Lynus: "Yay, not."

Lynus: "Oh, wow. That felt strange, I think I have a weird side effect from those sparkles."

What are you trying to do Lynus, blow out the candles or bust Lucy's eardrum?

Rileh: "AHHHHHHH!!!! Stop with the horn blowing already!"

Lucy has become an old cat lady, there is nothing wrong with that, cats will benefit from it.


  1. Wow...the girls are growing up so fast...the Baudelaires need a boy!

    Skyler is adorable as always.

  2. I've just noticed... Lanica has outlived some of the sims in the legacy... LOL

    1. Oh, and amazing (and hilarious!) legacy you have going on! <3

  3. Thank you. :)
    Lanica definitely outlived a bunch of the Sims in the family, looking back I still can't believe how long she lived.. she was like a super cat. :P

  4. There's so many people I have a hard time remember how they are all related to each other lol

    1. same with me! I saw it said that Lucy was a grandmother and I was just like 'too many babies'!!!