Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 346

Fantasia: "Hello, would you like to give me a treat?"

Fantasia: "A belly rub will work too."

Ooooh, kitties will be coming soon to a Baudelaire house near you!

I know that look, Brenner is stealing candy again!

Brenner: "You know it."

Lynk: "The old man needs to stop!"

Lynk: "He stole my candy too!!!"

Lynk: "It just makes me so angry, Templeton!"

Cadienne has almost discovered all of the potions!

Victory: "This potty is dirty."

Indi: "I love my dolly."


Indi: "I aged up!"

Indi: "Finally!"


Indo isn't as excited to age up.

Nevermind, I think he is!

Indo's IF aged up too, great!

That thing is so creepy.

Indi: "Why didn't mine age up!"

Indi: "I guess I have to play with it more."

She was right!

Indi: "I'm so sorry for not playing with you enough!"

Indo: "Shaka bra!"

It looks like he's talking to himself when you can't see the IF.

Leighton decided to dig holes in the yard, like the dogs don't do it enough.

Indo: "It's on my nose."

Indo: "I think I'll capture it."

Indi: "I can't catch one!"

Indi: "It matches my hair."

The twins are having a lot of fun today!

While Fantasia snoozes all day.

Leighton: "I have to go in there?"

Leighton: "Here goes nothing."

Indi: "Watch this."

Indi: "IF, where are you???"

IF: "I'm right here, Indi!"

Indi: "I see you now!"

IF: "That's not nice, I'll take days to dry out!"

Indo isn't as mean to his IF.

Who says the party room is just for partying?

IF: "I love dancing!"


Indo: "Eww, your dance moves are awful."

Leighton: "I saw things down there... horrible things."


  1. Leighton: "I saw things down there... horrible things."
    OMG that is classic.

  2. When are we going to get another chapter?

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