Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 345

Wow, Cadienne has a lot of things to collect, there must be a spawner here.

Cadienne: "Well you need to delete it because this is too much!"

The dogs love the basement, I'm not sure why.

Brenner got a dragon egg, I wonder what color it will be!

Brenner: "Hello, little egg!"

Weston caught a shrew! They have so many minor pets now.

Indi: "Can I rip this thing apart?"

Cadienne is an animal lover, the pets always want belly rubs from her.

Brenner: "There's so many butterflies in Isla Paradiso!"


It's a black dragon!

His name is Dragonfly, he will be Brenner's buddy.

Sleepy dragon, he reminds me of my Beardie. 


Chaos is an elder! I wasn't ready for this.

The kids always spend some time playing after school.

Of course Bella has to play with the creepy thing.

Templeton: "Here's another lizard, this is the third one I've seen today."

Brenner: "You're a cute little dragon."

It's pretty creepy when you hear something outside and scroll by the window and see this thing standing there.

Zombie: "Braaaaiiinnnns, I want BRAINS."

You might want to check somewhere else.

Chaos: "The zombie is going to get me!"

Max: "I see someone being brushed back there, I'm next."

Bella: "Templeton is a good boy, you get a treat!"

Chaos: "Someone left the tv on, it's running up the electric bill!"

Lynk: "It's my birthday!"


Lynk is cute with his wild hair!

Indi: "I want some wild hair!"

Minnie: "Who is this? Is it time for me to get a mate?"

Yes, yes it is!

I can't believe it's already time for Minnie to get a mate and have kittens!

This is Fantasia, hopefully he passes on some of the yellow coloring to the kittens. You can download Fantasia on Catlover800's blog.

Templeton: "You're new here, I would like to say hello!"

Templeton: "Come here and say hello!"

Fantasia: "Hello."

Templeton: "He actually did it, I think I have a new best friend."

Templeton: "Let's play!!!"

Fantasia is adorable!

Fantasia: "You're absolutely correct."

Of course he has to watch the fishy.

Fantasia: "Just watch, not eat."

Fantasia's traits!

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