Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 343

Cadienne: "I hope this is my last one because it hurts soooo bad!"

Leighton: "I did this 10 times but I still don't know what to do!"

Cadienne: "I hope I don't have to do this 10 times."

Cadienne: "At least the sparkles are pretty."

It's another boy! Introducing, Indo Baudelaire!

And another girl, it's twins! Introducing, Indi Baudelaire!

Ellis: "I wonder if any of my kids will look like me."

That's a cat toy, Max.


Indo is a Cadienne clone!

Look at those cute pointy ears!


The perfect mix of Ellis and Cadienne! Indi got Cadienne's hair and Ellis' eyes.

Look at that cute face!

I tried so hard for multiples in the last generation, I didn't try at all this time but got twins, I'm so excited!

Indi: "I'm excited too, I have boogies."

It's crazy how much he looks like Cadienne.

Indi: "I don't want to learn how to talk."

Indo: "These blocks aren't very tasty."

Indo: "Do you understand what they're saying, Indi?"

Indo: "I think I do now."

Indo: "You said you're going to feed us?"

Indi: "I'm ready to eat!"

Ellis never spends time with his kids so they go to him to hang out.

This lizard has been around for a while!

Indi: "That lizard matches my bottle!"

Indo: "Is this made from blueberries?"

I think this generation might be complete, I love these two.

I don't know why the aliens keep coming back!

Indi: "There's an alien on our porch?!"

Don't accidentally turn the water on, Minnie!

The twins are finally on the same sleeping schedule.

Life is a little calmer now.

Ellis: "Guess what? We moved... again."

That's right! The Baudelaire's are back in this massive house.

There's a bigger nursery so there's more room to learn how to walk.

Indi: "I can walk without bumping into things."

Leighton decided to teach Indo how to walk in the new, spacious living room.

Ellis finally took a break from training to take a mud bath.

Ellis: "My muscles are so sore from training so much."

Bella: "Pssst... Indo, over here."

Things are still a little hectic with three toddlers but Leighton still finds time to workout. 

She's staying fit in her old age.

They're enjoying the last warm days before winter starts!

The ground will be covered in snow before you know it.

Cadienne: "My big girl knows how to use the potty now!"

Indi: "That's right, I can use the potty."

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  1. Aw man. I was really really hoping there'd be a little girl with Ellis' hair and Cadienne's eyes