Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 342

Bella: "What is she doing?"

Cadienne: "It's the claw!"

Minnie: "You're too hyper, go away."

The Baudelaire's don't waste any time, they have to learn how to walk or talk as soon as they age up.

Bella: "That's good, then I can tell everyone to bring me a bottle."

Bella: "It worked!"

Bella: "But this will not work!!!"

Bella: "I was doing it wrong."

Ellis is boring, he's always doing the same thing.

This looks suspicious. 


I can't believe Lynk is already a child!

Bella: "But I need more snuggles."

Look at that sad pouty face.

Cadienne: "I can't say no to more snuggles."

Lynk: "Why did I get stuck with dish washing duty?"

Learning to walk!

Cadienne: "One more step!"

I think Lynk got stuck with feeding the pets too.

It's so foggy today!

I have never seen this much fog in any other town.

Lynk: "I'm going to play in all of the fog."

Lynk: "It makes it kind of hard to see out here."

Lynk: "What if I can't find my way back to the house???"

Bella learned how to walk!

Minnie: "I learned how to groom and watch tv at the same time."

Templeton saw Lynk outside so he had to beg him to play with him.

I think there's another baby on the way!

Bella: "I wanted to be the baby of the family!"

Weston is showing Lynk how to make a lot of money.

Minnie: "I will destroy you!"

Chaos: "It's late, I should go to bed."

Chaos: "But I should also finish all of the food."

My daily struggle.

The gnomes are always in the strangest places.

Okay, this isn't creepy at all.

Alien: "Don't worry, I'm just scanning for intelligent life."

Good luck around here.

Brenner: "I should steal his spaceship."

Baby #3 is on the way!

Cadienne: "How to care for 3 kids... it looks difficult."

Leighton: "She's blocking the fridge, I need to eat like every 5 minutes."

Bella: "She eats more than that."

Lynk: "Yeah, I always have to eat cereal because she eats everything."

The fog has cleared up and the day is so gorgeous! 

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