Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 341

Max: "Stop doing homework and pet me!"

I guess that's a nice place to nap.

Minnie: "This is a nice place to nap too."

Brenner: "Finally, I caught the kid alone so I can get some candy."

Lynk: "Grandpa!"

Brenner: "I love candy."

Lynk: "He... he took my candy!"

Lynk: "How could he!!!"

They're both puzzled with each other.

It's a cold fall day in Appaloosa Plains!

Cadienne: "It's a nauseous day too!"

What could this mean?!

Minnie: "It means I'm sharpening my claws."

And napping too, I guess.

Ellis: "I will not let kitty snoring break my concentration."

The first pop for baby #2!

Brenner: "Walk to me so I won't steal more candy."

Brenner: "You did great! Now let's check your pockets for candy."

Cadienne: "I had to get him away from Brenner."

Lynk: "He doesn't want this mushy stuff."

Cadienne: "Who would want that mushy stuff?"

Time to read some pregnancy books!

Kingsley: "I'm finally aging up and leaving, yayyy."


Kingsley is ready to leave! Now Queeny is the only kid from generation 30 that's left in the household.

Cadienne: "I love my Maxy."

Queeny: "I just woke up, get out of my face."

Cadienne wants to learn the logic skill really fast so she's drinking the potent skill booster elixir.

But who could learn with a cat destroying the chess table?!

This pregnancy has flown by!

Cadienne: "Yeah, because you haven't had to experience it."

Templeton: "You have food on your chin."

Brenner: "Feeding pets is evil, mwahahaha!"

Brenner: "My buns are on fire!"

Cadienne: "Hi, toasty buns."

The baby will be here anytime now!

Brenner creates the strangest things.

Minnie: "Are you in labor? Do you need help?"

Baby #2 is a girl! Introducing, Bella Baudelaire!

Cadienne: "I can't believe I have two kids."


Bella is cute! She got Leighton's hair and eyes, she's a Leighton clone.

Brenner: "I don't get a clone?"

Her eyes are different but she's still so pretty.

Cadienne: "You're going to be gorgeous just like your grandma."

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