Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 340 (Introducing Generation 31!)

Templeton is enjoying all of the fun new things he can do as an adult dog.

Hopefully he doesn't take after his mom with her clumsiness when playing.

Templeton: "I'm not clumsy!"

Templeton: "Just watch!"

Just like his mom!

He went back inside to do safer things.

Generation 31 is almost here!!!

Ellis: "Almost?! Generation 31 IS here!"

Cadienne: "I'm tired, can I stop now?"

Cadienne: "Labor never ends!"

The first baby of generation 31 is a boy! Introducing, Lynk Baudelaire!

Every new generation makes me so excited, I can't wait to see his hair and eye color.

Cadienne: "Has anyone seen my baby?"

Everyone else in the household has been busy making money at home or upgrading objects, Leighton only has a few sinks left to upgrade.

And Brenner is staying out of trouble while sculpting. 

Weston is painting, of course. Weston is the most accomplished painter that has ever lived in the Baudelaire family, he can easily paint 3 paintings a day valued close to $5,000 each, he takes them to the consignment shop and makes $200,000+ every week.

Ellis is still working on his LTW, when he maxes out his skill he will go to Shang Simla to challenge other sims!

Cadienne: "Stop updating everyone and feed me!"


This orange hair must be strong! Lynk is adorable, he got Cadienne's eyes.

I don't know where he got the boogie picking from.

Lynk: "I got it from dad!"

Cadienne: "You're a little cutie, time for bed."

Cadienne is such a good mom! I think it's time to try for #2.

Lynk: "Or I could be the only kid in this generation."

Lynk: "I'm tired, I think I will pass out."

And he did!

Queeny: "Why are you downstairs and not upstairs painting?!"

Templeton: "She sounds mad, I think I'll go somewhere else."

Oh gosh, Brenner has spotted the toddler.

Lynk: "He said he has candy!"

Lynk: "Put me down and feed me!"

Brenner is evil and steals candy but he's great with the toddlers.

Lynk: "He makes a good bottle too!"

Time to get started on potty training!

Cadienne: "I wanted to potty train him!"

Cadienne: "Now I'll be stuck cleaning the potty."

Life is busy for a toddler, Lynk is learning how to talk now!

Lynk: "I can talk, I don't need to learn."

Ellis: "Well then, I guess I can get back to training."

Chaos: "Play with me!"

Max: "My radar ears detect something being eaten."

Max was right!

Ellis: "Tickle, tickle!"