Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 339

Leighton: "We moved AGAIN!"

Kingsley: "Why do we always move?!"

Cadienne: "Why is everyone freaking out?"

Cadienne: "I guess I should too!"

Weston: "Everyone is making me nervous."

Weston: "Maybe I should bite them."

Weston: "Yes, good plan."

Ellis: "I don't want Weston to bite me!"

Templeton had to be carried into the house.

Cadienne: "Your tiny little legs couldn't make it up the stairs."

Victory: "Stay away from me!"

Chaos: "What did I do?"

Chaos: "Why doesn't the cat like me?"

Victory: "Because you're a dog!"

The first pop! I'm so excited!

Minnie: "Me too, I want to sniff the baby."

Those happy faces could only mean one thing...

Minnie: "There's a new fish!"

Chaos: "Are they going to eat the fish?"

Templeton: "I want to watch!"

These kids are always hard at work on their logic skills.

Cadienne is too.

While the cats are always grooming...

Look at those cute little feet!

The first death in the new house is Syrah!

Syrah Baudelaire
May 5, 2015 - November 5, 2015

Weston: "I'm going to miss Syrah, she was my painting buddy."

Cadienne: "These pregnancy hormones make me so emotional!"

Getting big!

Ellis: "I bet my baby will be cute like me."

Ellis: "I can't wait to meet him or her!"

Ellis: "Hello in there, daddy is ready to see you!"

There's no need to woohoo, she's already pregnant.

It's time for Templeton to age up, he can just stay a puppy forever.


He's still just as adorable!

Max: "My little puppy is too big now."

Zombie: "Why can't I eat this plant???"

Templeton: "I'll make sure the zombie doesn't eat my food."

Templeton: "Nobody will eat my food."

So many Templeton pictures!

At least he's not eating the garden.

Cadienne: "But he's still creepy!"

Cadienne: "Make him leave."

It's getting close to baby time!

Ellis breaks boards until he stinks.

That doesn't look safe or comfortable. 

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