Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 318

Weston: "I will seduce you with my mind!"

What's left of it...

Leighton: "You don't have to do that, I already love you!"

Weston: "You will give me back rubs every day."

Weston: "Now that is over, let me ask a question."

Leighton: "What is your question, Weston?"

Leighton: "Oh gosh! Are you asking me to marry you?!"

Weston: "Yes, I want to spend the rest of my long vampire life with you."

Leighton: "Yes! I love you so much."

Brenner: "This is a little creepy, why is it in the middle of the living room?"

I like this one! Cairo collected enough to create two statues.

Dexter finally got around to checking out Leighton.

Leighton: "I've been here for how many days and the cat just noticed I was here?"

Dexter: "You're telling me that she has been here for DAYS?!"

Time to drink some procreation elixir! I want multiples.

Leighton: "Yay, it's woohoo time!"

Leighton: "Did you drink all of your elixir?"

Brenner: "This old man is trying to show me his world domination plans!"

Leighton: "Oh, look at the time. I have to... be somewhere else."

Syrah: "Brenner is showing people things again!"

I give up, just destroy everything.

Leighton: "But that's a nice plant."

Leighton: "Oh well, we can replace it."

Brenner is spending some time in the party room, he knows he will have more Baudelaire babies to care for soon.


Weston: "I'm going to be a daddy?!"

Weston: "I need to marry Leighton so the baby has my last name!"

Kessa is still here, she spends most of her day eating snow cones.

Kessa: "Why wouldn't I? Snow cones are amazing."

Kessa: "Brain freeze!!!"

Kessa: "I thought that was going to drive me mad for a minute."

It was too late, you already are.

Leighton: "I can't wait to meet my little one."

I can't wait either! Can you believe we're this close to generation 30?!

Leighton: "My baby."

Weston: "Yeah, hurry up and let's get married."

Leighton: "You want to get married outside?"

Leighton: "But you're a vampire... vampires don't like sunlight, right?"

Brenner: "They're getting married today?"

Brenner: "Maybe I should sabotage the wedding, hehehe."

Kessa: "He always wants to do something mean."

Cairo: "Out of my way, I have a wedding to attend!"

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  1. such a cute post. Can't wait to see the baby or babies.