Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 319 (Introducing Generation 30!)

Weston: "I'm finally getting married!"

Syrah: "My son is getting married!"

Brenner: "It's beautiful!"

Moonie: "Maybe I should scratch up the wedding arch."

Moonie: "And with this ring, you're now husband and wife."

Mr. and Mrs. Baudelaire!

So romantic! It would be even more romantic if Moonie wasn't cleaning herself.

Syrah: "I'm going to toss some invisible rice."

Wedding selfie!

Leighton: "Why can't I change my last name online?"
Leighton: "Wait a minute... my name is already changed!"


Tiger aged up! He is so cute, I'm in love with his coloring.

I can't believe how excited I am, every generation is exciting but it's even better when the Baudelaire's make it another 10 generations.

Weston: "Can you believe we're the parents of generation 30?"

Leighton: "That means we're the favorite."

Leighton: "Right?"

Leighton: "Oh, I didn't know it would hurt this bad!"

With all of those sparkles, I introduce you to generation 30!!! Can you believe it?! If someone told me that I would make it this far, I would have thought they were crazy. I can't wait to see what happens during the next 10 generations.

You can watch the generation 30 video here!

Introducing, Tiegan Baudelaire! She's a vampire like her dad.

Hadley, you could at least act a little excited about generation 30 and your new grandbaby!

Dexter: "Wait... there's a new baby?"


Look at how adorable she is! Syrah's hair was finally passed on to a Baudelaire, she looks so much like her.

Tiegan: "I look just like grandma Syrah?!"

I can't get enough of her adorable face!

Tiegan: "This mush is disgusting!"

Oh, NOW you're happy? She's made a mess and now she's happy.

Tiger: "Can I lick the food off of the highchair?"

Kessa: "Red gumball, my favorite!"

It's a big job to teach the first baby of generation 30, Leighton isn't the brightest so hopefully she doesn't rub off on her.

Tiegan: "Don't worry, I can already talk."

Tiegan: "And dance!"

Brenner: "The kid can dance? Sounds evil."

Brenner: "More kids means more lollipops."

Tiegan: "Give it back!"

Moonie must be a bad influence, now Dexter is destroying stuff!

Tiegan: "Can I destroy stuff too?!"

Leighton: "You never told me that I had to clean the potty, this thing is nasty!"

Leighton: "How can one little bag smell so bad?"

Tiegan is so smart! She's a very fast learner.

Leighton: "That's my big girl, you can walk now!"

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