Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 317

Seriously, this has to stop.

This needs to stop too, go away!

Weston: "Oooh, did the llama leave me some university goodies???"

Kessa: "That thing is so scary, it leaves gifts too?!"

Kessa: "Does it leave food?"

Kessa: "Phew, something smells."


Moonie: "I will destroy everything you love and some stuff that you hate too."

Moonie wasn't lying.

Brenner: "I'm bathing the dog, I must be a butler or something."

Lunar is leaving us!

Lunar Baudelaire
May 1, 2015 - June 24, 2015

Hadley: "Lunar is gone?!"

Brenner: "You need to stop coming here and taking our pets!"

Brenner: "They're our babies!"

Grim: "I never thought I would see you upset about death."

Grim: "I need some juice after all of that."

Kessa: "Eww, get him out of our house, his dancing stinks."

I don't know why he keeps going outside in the sunlight to play, he could die!

Brenner: "You're such a soft little kitty."

Party time for the boys!

Hyatt is full vampire now!

Hyatt: "That's right, now I'll go turn the whole town."

Weston: "Wait... I'm about to take over and be heir?"

Weston just went full vampire!

Weston: "That's right, I'm handsome AND a vampire."

Weston's traits! I can't believe how close we are to generation 30!

There's a pretty lady walking around in front of the house, I wonder what she's doing.

Oh no, she's getting ice cream!

Leighton: "This ice cream isn't too bad."

Leighton: "Why are you following me?"

Leighton: "Wow, I have no idea how I ended up inside of this house."

Leighton: "I want to know where this cute guy came from too."

Leighton: "Wait... is this one of those legacy challenges? Am I the new spouse?"

Leighton caught on quick! Now you two need to fall in love quick too.

That's a good first step, Weston!

Leighton: "What was that?!"

Weston: "We're supposed to fall in love, did that work?"

Leighton: "I guess it did."

Weston loves showing off his dance moves on pretty ladies.

Leighton: "His dance moves suck!"

Weston: "Too bad, you're stuck with my bad dance moves now."

Leighton is here to stay! I just love her, of course I do because my favorite color is blue.

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  1. Love this post. Can't wait to see the babies of Weston and Leighton.