Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 320

Look at the new puppy!
His name is Max, Cairo had him with a dog in the neighborhood.
Max: "I don't have a daddy here like the cats do?!"

Max: "Oh well, I have my mom!"

And he has a little bit of clumsiness too.

It's okay though, he's a cutie!

Tiger: "Where did that puppy come from?!"


Dexter aged up!

Leighton: "Cat birthdays make me sick!"

Leighton: "My back is killing me!"

Are you sure it's cat birthdays that make you sick?

Tiegan: "This block thing doesn't work!"

Leighton: "That block toy made my daughter cry, I should beat it up."

Mommy nuzzles are the best!


Cairo is an elder!

I caught Brenner being sweet! He's evil but he does a really good job caring for the toddlers.

Leighton is an awesome mom! She spends more time with Tiegan than Weston does.

Max: "Toooyyyys!"

A hard day of playing wore him out!

*Sneaky Sneaky*

Tiger: "Don't sneak up on me while I'm watching bugs!"

Brenner: "I want to be evil but I want to smile too."

Weston: "You've been a good kitty lately, you haven't destroyed anything."

I don't want to know.

Kessa: "Can I play with that? It looks fun."

Hadley: "This smoke is choking me!"

Hadley: "I can't breathe."

Hadley: "I'm on fire! Everyone watch out, I need to get in the shower!"

I've decided to keep Brenner alive for a long time so he planted a few death flower plants.

They're ready to harvest!

Max: "What kind of plant is that?"

Brenner: "My precious."

Brenner revived his dead plant!

Brenner: "I'm evil and I can revive plants, that's sweet."

There has to be cat hair in that french toast.

Kessa stays in the bedroom playing video games, she will be aging up and moving out soon.

And baby #2 will be here soon too!

Lima Bean hasn't been seen in a while!

Kessa: "Yeah, you ignore everyone that's not your heir."

Kessa: "But you're not ignoring me today since it's my birthday!"

Kessa aged up! Now it's time for her to move out.

Kessa: "You never told me that I had to move out!"

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