Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 277

Ierik: "Someone needs to clean this potty, it stinks."

Ierik: "Get me away from this nasty potty!"

Ierik: "I don't like being around nasty things."

Ierik: "Being around this milk is the best!"

Brenner: "You wanna share some of that milk?"

Brenner: "This is scary, I don't want to slide!"

Brenner: "I slipped!"

Brenner: "I don't like this!"

Brenner: "That wasn't as bad as I thought it would be."

Zaylee: "Dad is a wimp."

Zaylee: "Since he's a wimp, I'm going to push him in the pool."

Brenner: "I love it when kids cry, mwahahaha!!!"

Brenner: "I will never pick him up, hahaha."

I guess Ierik stopped crying so Brenner decided to put him to bed.

Ierik: "I'm not ready for bed."

He wasn't ready for bed but he was out like a light.

Hemingway: "Will you brush me too?"

Keinlyn: "Nobody will brush the poor puppy!"

Sundance: "Why is my kid so emotional?!"

Loklyn is slacking, he only cooked two meals for breakfast before jumping in the pool.

And then he naps all day.

But he does care for all of the kids so I guess he deserves a nap.

Ierik: "I will never talk for you."

Loklyn: "Why am I teaching him how to talk, it sounds like he already talks."

Ierik: "I tricked grandpa, I just wanted to spend time with him."

Milo: "Someone left a cake on the counter, maybe I should get a bite..."

Milo: "Ouch!"

Milo: "I mean... I did that on purpose."

The kitties decided to play under Pennie, Pennie doesn't mind.

Pennie: "I don't mind, I want to play too!"

Loklyn: "Don't give up, I know you can do it!"

Zaylee is a creeper.

Ierik: "I can do it!"

Ierik: "Look at me, I'm walking!"

Loklyn: "I knew you could do it!"


  1. Wonderful post. I wish I could get my sims hair so colorful and my puppies and kitties, too.

    1. Thank you. :D
      I've been trying to experiment and play with more colors, I look back at old generations and the colors look so plain compared to my recent pictures.

    2. You are most welcome. It is wonderful.