Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 275

We got news that Nolan had a baby so Sawyer went over to visit him, he has a nice house!

And a nice dog, he's cute!

Nolan's son has his skin color and I guess that's his mom's hair and eye color, he's adorable!

It looks like he might be part alien too.

Brenner: "You said you had candy for me?!"

Brenner: "The baby has lollipops I can steal!"

Milo: "Brenner needs to stop stealing candy!"

Milo: "He can't steal candy but I can destroy this feather toy."

Bad Pennie! She pees and then plays in it.

Omelette: "I want to play in pee."

Brenner: "Mwahahaha!"

Sundance: "Just ignore my husband, he has issues."

Sundance: "I hope our kids don't act like him."

Goodbye, Omelette! You will be missed so much, you were a great doggy.

Omelette Baudelaire
August 7, 2014 - December 23, 2014

Grim: "It's so messy around here, I need to clean before I leave."

Fester: "This place makes me itchy."

Fester: "Ahh, that makes everything better."

Fester: "Don't stop grooming me!"

Fester: "Never stop grooming."

This little kitty is creepy, his name is Fester! He's Milo and Wesker's kitten.

Hemingway: "You're my size!"

Hemingway: "I finally have someone my size to play with."

Brenner: "My invention blew up!"

Keinlyn: "I feel bad for dad, his invention blew up so he couldn't wash dishes."

Fester always looks like he's up to something, it's creepy.

Fester: "I'm not up to something..."

Fester: "You caught me! I was just going outside for fresh air..."

Do you notice that it's still raining?

Sundance: "This child smells good."

Tucker had two kids, Sundance decided to visit, this is the little girl.

And the boy! He must get his pink hair and eyes from his mom.

The girl got pink eyes too, I think the blue hair is from the Baudelaire side.

Whisker: "I'm guarding my nephew while he takes a catnap."

Fester: "I meant to do that!"

Fester: "Don't judge me."

They're both so cute! Hemingway is friendly, Fester is creepy.

Sawyer and Loklyn decided to have a little fun in the tree house.

Even though Novie is gone the garden looks great, Brenner and Sawyer are doing great taking care of it.

Loklyn: "Why don't you sleep in your own bed?"

Loklyn: "And then the cowplant ate everybody in the town."

It's almost time! This pregnancy seems to be lasting forever.

Loklyn: "I don't want a third kid to take care of!"

Fester's traits! 


  1. Cute post. OMG Fester is so fantastically creepy.

  2. i just love : Omelette: "I want to play in pee." so funny with his look ^^