Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 276

Loklyn: "I'm not ready for this baby!"

Sundance: "I don't think I am either!"

I got my wish, it's a boy! Introducing, Ierik Baudelaire!

I pronounce his name eye-rick, it could be completely different but that's how I pronounce it.

Sundance: "He's perfect."

Sundance: "Now eat your banana milk."

Brenner: "I didn't wash my dirty plate, mwahahaha!"

Whisker: "Can I lick that plate?"

Puppies and kitties running wild everywhere!

It's party time for Ierik, I hope he looks like Brenner!


I got my wish again, he's perfect!

Perfect and derpy.

Sundance: "The claw is coming for Ierik!"

*Tickle Tickle*

Ierik: "That cat is destroying stuff."

Ierik: "Should it be doing that?"

Ierik: "Can I do that too?!"

Ierik: "Just kidding, I'll destroy everything without asking."

Fester: "You smell funny."

Ierik: "The kitty says I smell funny!"

He's such a quiet boy, he can sit and play for hours."

I love his hair!

Sundance: "Get my baby away from that cake, I don't want her to grow up."

Sundance: "Growing up stinks."

Sundance: "But I can't wait to see how cute she is."

Keinlyn: "I get the best piece of cake!"

Happy Birthday, Zaylee!


Brenner: "She's derpy, yes!"

Zaylee: "But I don't want to be derpy."

Brenner: "You're my last baby, I don't want you to grow up."

Ierik: "I'm the last baby?"

Ierik: "Does that mean I am so cute that they wanted to stop having kids?"


Ierik: "That's awesome."

His hair is what's awesome, I can't stop looking at it.

Whisker: "If you vomit, can I eat it?"

Whisker: "Just don't do it on me."

Like father, like son.

Pennie: "What are they so proud of?"


  1. Another wonderful Baudelaire post.
    Ierik is so cute.

  2. Ierik if cute <3 and yur pets i just love them !