Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 252

Nolan: "Haha, look at him with his paper hat."

Joel: "I now banish Nolan from our kingdom!"

Nolan: "What does that mean???"

Loklyn: "Does this mean Nolan will vanish?!"


That's a creepy face but at least he's cute!

Novie: "Why is Samuel so creepy?!"

Novie: "Creepy Samuel sucks."

Crossing my fingers for another girl!

Sawyer: "I am so tired of being pregnant."

Sawyer: "But I love my baby."

A few neighborhood puppies decided to visit! They're adorable.

Emilia: "I want the puppies!"

Emilia was upset when they left.

But she should be excited now, the Baudelaire's got a new doggy!

Omelette: "My name's Omelette, what's your name?!"

Barkley meeting his future mate! I can't wait for puppies.

Moose and Winslow are a little suspicious of Omelette, I think Omelette just wants to play.

Omelette: "Why won't the kitties play with me?"

That's okay though, Farryn will play!

A little make out session in the kitchen, they can't keep their hands off of each other.

Chase: "Parents are gross."

Gnome: "I will stand guard over this dirty potty!"

Omelette is enjoying this beautiful morning!

Bad idea... BAD IDEA!

Omelette: "Maybe this was a bad idea!"

They never listen.

Noooo! I love Moose, I didn't want him to die!

Moose Baudelaire
January 21, 2014 - August 7, 2014

Every. Single. Time.

Sawyer: "I can't believe Moose is gone, I watched him grow up!"

Loklyn: "And I got attacked once, I'll miss Moose."

Omelette has been checking on everyone and cheering them up.

Sawyer: "Thank you for being so sweet."

Sawyer: "Want the piggy toy?! Get the piggy toy!"

Sawyer: "But what if she chews up the piggy toy?!"

Omelette: "I wouldn't chew up the piggy toy."

Someone is having time machine woohoo!

Something goes wrong every time, I don't know why they still do it.

Sawyer: "Whoa, that was intense!"

Sawyer: "It almost trapped me in the future!"

Sawyer: "I had wrinkles and gray hair in the future."

The gnomes love the garden.

I'm sure the plants appreciate this.

Samuel: "I am tirrrred, time for bed."

Samuel: "Stop watching me yawn!"


Omelette definitely has the 'likes swimming' trait, she's always in the pool.

Omelette is here to stay! You can download her from Pawsitively Adorable Puppies.

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  1. Another wonderful post.

    I love Samuel's creepy face. Have you picked the heir?