Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 253

Chase: "It's my birthday! That means cake."

Chase: "Wait, where's my cake?!"

Chase is a cutie with an odd hairstyle! It fits him though.

Samuel: "Haha, his hair looks funny."

Get out of here, you're scaring the baby gnome!

Baby time is inching closer and closer! I'm hoping for a girl like all of the other pregnancies.

Omelette is a good dog! She potties outside.

Joel! How could you leave the house in your pajamas?!

Sawyer: "My son went to school in his pajamas AND I'm having the baby?!"

Loklyn: "Why is she having the baby where we eat?!"

Sawyer: "That reminds me, I didn't finish my pie."

And.... of course it's a boy. Oh well, we love him just as much as we would have loved a girl!

Introducing, Blake Baudelaire!

Crazy haired Chase is tending to the garden while Sawyer recovers and loves on her new baby boy.

It seems like there's always a birthday!


Emilia is adorable! I just love her hair, she's definitely heiress unless we get another girl.

Time to see who this baby looks like! 

Loklyn and Chase: "We hope it looks like us!"


Wow, he looks so much like Joel! He's a fairy too, I wonder where that wing color came from though.

Novie: "I'm outside by a mailbox... that means ONE thing. We've moved again!"

The Baudelaire's moved so Emilia decided to play peek-a-boo with baby Blake.

Blake: "I see you!"

Loklyn: "Umm, I don't think this is the best place to learn how to talk... something is stalking us."

Blake: "Stalking?"

Stalking is his first word?!

Emilia: "Yes! The stalker ice cream truck is here, that means I can get ice cream."

Or kidnapped, by the looks of the truck I think you have a better chance of being kidnapped than getting ice cream.

Joel loves practicing ballet.

While Winslow snoozes in random places.

Omelette: "Can I sleep in random places?"

Loklyn: "No, if I can't sleep on the floor then Omelette can't either."

I guess it's not so bad being the only girl, Emilia has a whole room to herself.

Well, she DID.

Nolan: "I want to play dolls!"

Look at this cute little fluffy thing!

Fluffy and clumsy! I wonder where it came from?!

Novie: "There's a mysterious puppy in our house?!"

There's a puppy running around and nobody cares to ask any questions about it? They just continue doing normal daily things.

Omelette: "The puppy is mine!"

That's right... Omelette and Barkley had a puppy! She's a cutie.

Omelette is such a good mommy.

Sawyer: "What about me, am I a good mommy?"

She's a very good mommy and it looks like she's about to add another baby to the bunch!

Blake: "I'm not going to be the youngest anymore?!"

Barkley and Omelette had a girl, Pennie!


  1. Reading through the lives of the Baudelaires for the past few days inspired me to play Sims (3)! I'll have my own family with lots of generations I hope! Even though it's hard to start out @n@ ;-; I'll make it! Though, I don't think I'll be doing the legacy challenge or sharing my family, at least not for quite awhile.