Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 249

I heard the sprinklers going in the middle of the afternoon so I checked to see which Baudelaire was playing with them, I found these two strange kids.

Barkley: "Are they showering in our sprinkler water?"

Nolan decided to spend some time with the girl, I think he has a crush!

Girl: "Where did Nolan go?!"

Nolan: "Right here! Hahaha, got ya."

Girl: "Why would you do that???"

Girl: "I bet you can't get me again!"

Winslow: "I guess I should go inside before someone throws a water balloon at me."

Moose is the smart one, he's staying away from all of the water.

Sawyer: "All of these kids outside playing in the sprinklers and they won't help with my garden."

Sawyer: "Forget the garden, I'm having some fun too!"

Barkley: "Count me in on the fun too!"

Barkley: "Scratch that, count me out, I hate water on my fur."

Sawyer: "It's such a beautiful day!!!"

Sawyer: "It's not so beautiful now, I don't want to ride Farryn!"

Novie: "I've got my poker face on and I'm taking every cent this guy has."


I almost forgot about Samuel's birthday because of everything happening! He's a boogie picker.

Samuel: "I'm the forgotten one already?"

Novie: "Come on, let's get this party started already!"

It's time for Joel to age up! He's my favorite so far, I can't wait to see what he looks like as a child.


Still my favorite! He's in the lead for heir now but Sawyer is still having a few more so we'll see.

Stop that! It's bad enough that the zombies eat the plants.

Joel: "Where's Sammy?!"

Samuel: "I'm right here!"

Joel: "Oh, there you are!"

They're so sweet!

I forgot to announce Sawyer's pregnancy, baby #5 is on the way!

Sawyer: "I hope I don't have another boy, boys are gross!"

Loklyn loves taking care of his mini.

Samuel: "I'm a mini?! I love being mini."

Novie: "Please learn to talk, I want to go do something else."

Novie: "I have to get out of here, so many kids!"

Not really a safe place to sleep but she looks like she's snoozing pretty good.

I really hope this one is a girl.

This bird loses so many feathers!

Sawyer: "Bird feathers make me go into labor!"

That's... strange.

Finally!!! It's a girl and she has Nolan's coloring.

Introducing, Emilia Baudelaire!

Nolan: "Awesome, I'm one step closer to getting out of here."

Nolan: "Like what you see? Ladies, control yourselves."

He looks just like Jonah, it's creepy.

Ewww! Get out of the kitchen.

Chase: "Yay for farts!!!"


    how did you get the cakes so colorful?

  2. Hahaha, Nolan is so funny, and Chase is f*ckin' crazy ! XD
    Jon..Nolan has grown really well :3