Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 248

Sawyer: "I gave birth to the kids, I shouldn't have to clean up the potty."

Nolan: "Hehehe, mom has to clean the potty."

Apparently potty duty makes her sick.

Or not! It looks like baby #4 is on the way, hopefully it's a girl!

Joel: "I'm going to be a big brother?!"

YES! We should get you a big bro shirt.

I didn't realize it until it was too late, Mouse died!

Mouse Baudelaire
January 21, 2014 - April 26, 2014

Writing novels while Winslow snoozes, it's a good day!

Chase: "You gonna hand over the milk or what???"

After Chase finished his milk it was time for his party! I hope he's cute like Nolan.

Of course he's derpy, you can't have a party without derpy toddlers!

Loklyn: "Those sparkles are so loud!"

Loklyn: "His hair is so ugly it hurts my ears."

Chase: "Shut up, dad."

Loklyn: "Did he tell me to shut up?"

Chase: "Whoa, I didn't mean to hurt dad's feelings!"

Chase: "Sigh, I guess I'll have to be nice."

I just love Chase's eyes!

Joel: "What about my eyes, do you love them???"

Typical tablet owner, always on it.

Nolan: "Mom and dad won't get off of their tablets and give me attention!"

Barkley: "If you give me belly rubs I'll give you attention."

Nolan: "Deal! Now roll over for belly rubs."

Where's Joel?!

Joel: "Here I am! I had to get Mr. Dino."

Hoping for a girl that looks like Joel!

Novie: "Who bought this futuristic tv?! I want an old one like me!"

Novie: "At least put it on a good channel!"

Hey! Sawyer has been working hard on that, get away!

Payback for eating my garden.

Chase is being brave, playing in the sandbox at midnight with zombies out!

Farryn: "I'm not coming out until the zombies leave."

Sawyer decided to tend to the garden before all of her plants were eaten.

It's the middle of the day and they're outside in pajamas rubbing bellies.

Joel: "Why is there an ugly kid doing homework in our house?!"

He distracted himself by playing with the dollhouse.

Joel: "This is that ugly intruder."

Sawyer: "This better be a girl so I can stop having kids!"

Even if it is a girl this won't be your last one.

Joel: "There's too much screaming in here, I need to find another room to cry in."

Loklyn: "I've never been around for any of the births of my kids, what do I do?!"

And it's another boy! I think I could cry, I wanted a girl.

Introducing, Samuel Baudelaire!

A birth and a bird! Novie decided to add a bird to the already hectic family.

Novie: "The bird tried to peck my boobies!"

Novie: "But it's still awesome."

This is a really popular dollhouse, Baudelaire's usually don't play with them.

Put my child down!

Chase: "Someone is holding my little brother?!"

Novie: "It's okay, the creepy guy is out of your nursery now."

Chase: "I'm going to swim away from creepy intruders!"

Good luck with that, it looks like the creepy intruder is joining you.

Nolan: "Strangers touched our slide, eww."

Chase loves water, he's turning into a fish.

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