Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 250

Joel: "Where are my servants? I need someone to clean this mess!"

Joel: "Servants?! Where are you???"


What is this adorableness?! She's too cute for words.

Those eyes, that hair... everything about her is adorable!

Sawyer: "Tickle, tickle! Hehehehe."

Nolan: "I wish I could still have tickles."

Joel: "Dad, look!"

Loklyn: "What? Is there a spider?"

Loklyn: "Not a spider, definitely NOT a spider!"

After warming up he decided to teach Emilia how to talk.

But she's too cute to teach anything, we just admire her beauty.

Creepy stalker!

Everyone thinks he's crazy because of this. Well, there's a few other reasons for everyone thinking that.

Quality swing time with grandma!

Emilia: "I wuv the swing!"

Emilia: "And this milk, how have I gone my whole life without strawberry milk?!"

Her whole life so far = 5 sim days.

Yeah, this is totally normal.

There's so many gnomes, they're taking over and turning on the stereos.

Barkley: "Get out of my house, gnome!"

Emilia: "Get the gnome out of our house!"

Novie: "She's so moody, why is she so moody???"

Novie: "Is this the police? I would like to report a crying baby."

Novie: "What? What do you mean you can't do anything about a crying baby???"

Nolan: "She gets all of the attention because she's the only girl."

I think Joel is a little jealous too.

Novie: "Let's learn to walk so we can turn you into the police for crying."

And with this last step she knows how to walk!

It's a rainy fall day!

The gnomes are out and about.

Sawyer is too! She loves rain puddles.

Sawyer: "I wish it would rain every single day!"

Sawyer: "Rain is awesome."

It is until you get struck by lightning.

Playing under the picture of his grandparents, I wish the kids could have met Peyton.

Loklyn: "You're a cute doggy, can I pet your belly?"

Barkley: "Ahhh, belly rubs."

Samuel: "I want belly rubs!!!"

Samuel: "Fine, I'll get some attention from someone else."

Emilia is off on an adventure!

Into the toybox she goes, I wonder what she's up to?

Emilia: "Nobody will find me in here!"

Chase: "Maybe if I close my eyes long enough it will go away."

Obsessed with technology.

I wonder if she feels watched, I would.

Novie: "Everyone should feel watched because I'm always watching."

Okay, not creepy at all.


  1. I've become so attached to all of the Baudelaire's, great post! The kids are so adorable. Just out of curiosity how did you get the picture of Samuel's grandparents on the wall like that? It looks like a painting but I'm not really sure. Is it a Mod or CC? I've wanted to do that with my Sims pictures forever but could never figure out how...could you help me?