Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 247

Synchronized grooming.

Sawyer: "Owww, this hurts no matter how many times it happens!"

Baby #3 is another boy! I'm still happy but would like a girl anytime now.

Introducing, Joel Baudelaire!

Nolan: "Since mom had another boy that means she is done having kids, right? I mean, she just wants perfect boys."

Loklyn: "Should I break the news to him?"

Shouldn't you be spending time with your new son?

Look at those sparkles, he's a fairy baby!

It's already cake party time!


Why so cute and derpy?! This kid, I love him.

Zombie: "Errr... give me brainzzzz."

Joel, you're all blue and blue is my favorite color... you're perfect.

Joel: "My milk tastes like strawberries!"

Tickles from mommy are the best!

Goodbye, old house... and creepy stalker ice cream truck!

Hello, spacious new house!

And... a unicorn?! Yep, the Baudelaire's finally got a unicorn!

She's Sawyer's fourth baby.

Sawyer: "You're gorgeous, I shall name you Farryn."

Sawyer: "Hehe, your nose tickles!"

Sawyer: "I wanted a unicorn but I don't know about riding her!"

Sawyer: "How do I even???"

Sawyer: "This... this needs to stop now!"

Novie: "Haha, my daughter is a wimp."

Come on, this shouldn't be difficult.

Watch out!

Great, Chase is spending time with his creepy imaginary friend!

Novie is attempting another garden so she's upgrading the sprinklers.

Novie: "I think I broke the sprinkler!"
Sawyer: "Oh my gosh, what is mom's problem?"

Barkley: "Sims are freaking out, I'm outta here."

Barkley finally met Farryn!

Winslow too, I think they all love each other.

Baby learning skills... does that mean baby #4 will be announced soon?!

Loklyn: "You did it, that's my boy!"

His face, it's just too adorable.

Barkley loves playing with the sprinklers.

Barkley: "You'll never touch me, water!"

Sawyer: "Is this right? I feel like something is wrong here."

Sawyer: "Nope, wrong way."

Loklyn: "Umm, if someone doesn't help me I'm going to start crying too!"

Novie: "Hehehe, I left him alone with all of the kids."

Winslow: "Watch the fur, I just groomed myself!"

Nolan: "Can. Barely. Reach."

He's almost too short.

Nolan: "Blue please, I want blue!"

Sawyer: "Slow down, Farryn!"

Sawyer: "Do. Not. Like!"

Sawyer: "I hate riding Farryn but I didn't want to come home to screaming kids."

Welcome to the family, Farryn!

I've never played with horses/unicorns so I'm not sure if Farryn will be around very long, we'll see!

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  1. Love this post.
    Did you make Farryn. Love the unicorn.
    I want for my family, but I am not good a making horses..
    Looking forward to the next post.