Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 205

Atley and Chelsie decided to celebrate their marriage with a little bit of bubble blowing.

Chelsie handled it a little better than Atley.

Atley: "Is the room spinning? I think the room is spinning."

Atley: "I think I had a few too many bubbles."

Chelsie: "Do you see four bubbles or is it just me?"

I wonder who is doing naughty things in the tree house?

Valerie: "I forgot that I got married! This is so cool!"

Josie: "Watch out, Mr. Horsey and I are coming for you!"

Josie can't wait until Everett is old enough to play outside with her, it gets lonely.

You better stay away from our garbage can.

Back away, Chelsie!

Chelsie: "I don't know why everyone is afraid of the ice cream truck, it just wants to spread around its sugary goodness."

Valerie: "Why didn't I get any ice cream?!"

Maisy: "Why won't you say that grandma is your favorite?!"

Everett: "Don't just stick me in this chair with no food!"

Everett: "I got my food, I'm happy now."

Everett: "Now I'm mad again, let me out!"

Wyatt: "Why is that kid so emotional?!"

Wyatt: "It's okay, grandpa's here."

Now that Everett is happy and has a full tummy it's time to learn how to walk!

Maisy creates some very strange things.

Josie: "I guess I'm doing this right... oh well."

I can't wait to see Chelsie and Atley's baby!

Atley: "I can't wait to meet our baby, I bet it will look just like me."

Moving along, nothing to see here... this happens every day.

Wyatt: "The square block goes in this round hole."

And this is why the Baudelaire's are crazy.

Maisy loves to nap outside by the pool.

Chelsie: "I might be wrong but I think it's baby time!"

Atley: "What is happening?! Is the baby coming, I'm not ready!"

The first baby for Atley and Chelsie is a girl!

Introducing, Adalynn Baudelaire!

Valerie: "Chelsie already had her baby?! I wanted to have my baby first!"

The third baby for Adam and Valerie is another boy!

Introducing, Rio Baudelaire!

Isaac: "I'm growing up and getting out of this place just in time, it's getting crowded around here."

Isaac looks cuter every time he ages up, now it's time for him to get out.


Adorable little Adalynn had a birthday too, she looks just like Wyatt!


I'm starting to wonder if Wyatt is the dad of all of the kids, Rio is a Wyatt clone too!

Adalynn: "I'm a clone?"

Rio: "You mean I look just like this dude?"

Rio: "I guess that's okay, he looks pretty good for an old man."

Maisy: "What about me? Do I look pretty good for an old woman?"

After learning how to talk it was time for a nap.

Rio is such a happy baby!

So is Adalynn! As long as she has milk she is smiling and happy.


Looking more and more like Wyatt every day!

I spoke too soon... Rio isn't always happy.

They have matching slippers!

Adalynn: "I want slippers that match grandpa's!"


  1. Awe they are all grandpa's kids. That is adorable.

  2. many birthdays :)
    hey, can i ask you where did u get those baby matching slippers please?
    and also, what's your graphic card because your screenshots are just so beautiful !

    1. I got the slippers from here:

      My graphics card is a Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti, I have all of my settings on high and I love it. :D