Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 206

Maisy: "Do you want grandma to teach you how to walk? Grab my hands and move your feet when I move mine, okay?"

Josie: "Yeah... I think I need to practice logic a little more before I try to make potions."

Josie: "Everyone bow down to Princess Josie of Hidden Springs!"

Josie: "I will rule all the land and nobody will ever have to make potions and risk getting blown up ever again!"

Adalynn: "That's an awesome plan, I vote for Josie!"

Atley: "Peek a Boo! Where did daddy go?!"
Adalynn: "I know you don't go anywhere when you put your hands over your eyes."

Adalynn: "Why is your hair pink?"

Theo: "Go take a bath, do you expect me to sniff your toasted hand?"

Theo: "What's wrong with the people around here?"

Theo: "And this one stinks, I can't sniff anything around here."

Valerie: "I want you to sculpt a statue of me just like this."
Maisy: "Umm... Okay, I guess I can try."

Valerie: "I'll stand here like this all day if I have to."

Adam: "Why did you skip school?! You know how important it is to get good grades!"

Everett: "You're a lot more friendly than the other dog, he said I stunk."

Fly away while you can!

Atley and Maisy are supposed to be watching the kids while they swim but they're not doing a very good job.

I don't think Josie is going to catch any fish in there.

Josie: "Will you stop? You're going to scare all of the fish away."

Chelsie: "I think this baby is coming!"
Maisy: "Not in here, I'm trying to sculpt!"

Chelsie went downstairs to the study and had a bouncing baby boy!

Introducing, Christopher Baudelaire!

Chelsie: "This baby stinks, is it too late to return it?"

Chelsie: "I would never do that, I love my baby."

The kids are enjoying their last day of Summer!

Theo: "According to my calculations there is a bone buried here, it better be here."

Chelsie: "Haha, you only got three candles!"

Josie turned out so pretty! I think she looks a lot like Valerie when she was younger.

She finally mastered the logic skill so she can discover potions with almost no risk of blowing up.


We have a Grayson clone! It's crazy that the pink hair is sticking around, I don't think it will ever go away.

Josie: "Yay for pink hair and clones!"

Christopher: "I don't wanna be a clone!"

Christopher: "Do you have to call me a clone for the rest of my life?"

Josie: "It's okay, everyone gets called a clone around here."

Josie: "Wait... if everyone gets called a clone does that mean we ARE clones?"

Josie: "Nah, no way."

It's time for little Adalynn's birthday!

She's derpy and ready for sparkle time!


She's adorable! I think I see a lot of Chelsie in her face.


And Rio is our derpy Wyatt clone.

Josie: "How many clones do we have now? One... two..."

Adam: "When will the clone talk end?! We all need to look different so you can tell us apart."

Baby #3 for Atley and Chelsie is on the way! I'm hoping for a girl.

I wish I had a view like this.

Chelsie: "Those two old people are about to make out, aren't they?"


Adam: "Why did you skip school?! I already had to deal with this with your sister, you're not doing it too!"

Adam: "I'm an awesome parent."

Atley: "I want to play chess but Chelsie is in my way!"
Chelsie: "I'm having a baby and he wants to play chess?!"

I got what I wanted, a little girl!

Introducing, Emmie Baudelaire!


  1. (Hiii ! I'm a new reader, and I'm a french student, so excuse me for my bad english.. >w<)
    Welcome Emmie :D
    Awnn ! Rio, Adalynn and Christopher are so cute ~
    Everybody's a clone in this crazy family, but they're so beautiful ! *-*
    They all want to skip school.. I think their childs are rebel e-e
    Adam is so narcissistic.. x')
    Bye :)

  2. oh, maybe twins? coz her belly seems big again ^^
    love it as always ;)