Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 204

Caspurr: "Oh... hello, don't mind me, just cleaning some stuff."

Adam: "What are you doing?"
Valerie: "What do you think I'm doing?"

Valerie: "We already have two precious children together so I wanted to make things official, I want to spend the rest of my life with the love of my life."
Adam: "And you will, I will be by your side through thick and thin and in sickness and health."

Atley: "My sister just got married so I'm thinking we should get married pretty soon."

Atley: "What do you think about that?"

Atley: "I bought you some flowers so maybe you would love me more."

They are so cute together!

I can't wait to see them get married and what their kids will look like.

Theo: "Helllooo... Stop all of the kissing and rub my belly."

Atley: "Chelsie suspects nothing, I have a big surprise for her tomorrow afternoon."

Atley went to bed nervous about his surprise for Chelsie tomorrow, he hopes everything goes as planned.

While Chelsie tries to get fit.

...And that's why I said try.

Adam: "I didn't know you were pregnant again, I don't think I'm ready for this!"

Introducing a bouncing baby boy kind of named after his grandpa, Everett Baudelaire!

Chelsie: "What on Earth is Atley painting?"

Josie has learned to walk, talk and use the potty so she's enjoying some time with her toybox.

I hope she doesn't get stuck in there.

Wyatt is such a good grandpa, he's always taking care of Josie and Everett.

Atley: "Hey, do you know why I asked you to meet me out here today?"
Chelsie: "No... why?"

Atley: "I wanted to ask you something special..."
Chelsie: "Are you about to ask me what I think you are?!"

Atley: "If you thought I was going to ask you to marry me, you were right! Will you be my wife, Chelsie?"

Chelsie: "Are you serious?! Of course my answer is YES!"

Chelsie: "It's beautiful, Atley!"

Atley: "Not as beautiful as you."

It's such a beautiful day for an outdoor proposal! I'm glad the weather was perfect.

Who doesn't want to play on a see saw after you get engaged?!

A Baudelaire marriage isn't official until it's done in your underwear!

Chelsie: "Wait... you mean I'm officially a crazy Baudelaire?!"

Nobody is using this bed right now so Theo decided that it was his.

Adam never listens, he always handles the kids after he catches on fire.

Atley: "You wanna get started on our little family?"
Chelsie: "Why not?"

Maisy: "There's too much woohoo going on inside that house, I think I'll just stay out here for a little while."

Adam: "Are you ready to watch my daughter get even cuter?"

Atley: "Birthdays are awesome and we get cake!!!"

Atley: "I mean, birthdays are cool or whatever."

Hennah: "I think he gets more excited about the birthdays than the kids."


Why don't you put some clothes on if you're going to stand next to your father-in-law?

Maisy: "That pretty naked girl needs to get away from my husband."

Josie: "Eugh, how much longer do I have to live here?"

Josie: "You're such a cutie!"
Hennah: "Okay, I need to find a way to get away from this girl."

Hennah doesn't like Josie but Theo does!


Everett is an adorable clone of his grandpa!

Chelsie: "Haha, the kid looks just like the old man!"

Valerie: "You're the cutest little boy ever, yes you are!"

I think Valerie likes the spring rider more than Everett.

Valerie: "It's time to get off and go inside."
Everett: "NO!"

Everett: "I'm glad I decided to come inside and drink this nummy milk!"

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