Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 207

Christopher is ready to blow out his candles so he can dig into his cake!


Christopher: "I'm older now, that means I can do more evil things."

Christopher: "But I need to hide it from everyone... act normal."


Emmie is the cutest little thing EVER!

Chelsie: "Look how adorable you are, you got mommy's hair and daddy's eyes."

Christopher: "She farted, get her stinky butt away from me!"

Wyatt: "Ewww, she farted right by the cake too."

Emmie: "I want a piece of cake that was farted on!"

No, just no.

I love Emmie, it's between Adalynn and Emmie for heir.

Maisy: "Their love makes me so angry!"

Maisy is in charge of teaching her how to talk, it's not going so well.

Emmie: "Can grandpa teach me how to talk? Grandma keeps doing crazy things."

Learning how to talk made her really tired so it's bedtime!

Rio: "I'm in a high speed chase! The cops are trying to get me for couch speeding!"

Creepy Kid: "Since Josie is no longer a kid I will take over and be your Prince!"

I don't think so.

Christopher: "Get that hideous kid out of our house!"

Emmie: "I never thought I would say this but I agree with Christopher."

Chelsie: "Come on, you only have a few more steps!"

Emmie: "I'm walking, I never thought I would learn to walk!"

Adam: "The baby learned how to walk, that's so beautiful!"

All of the kids decided to go to the park to have a little fun, hot dog eating contest is first!

I think Rio is ready to dig in!

Christopher: "I'm going to win, I'm going to win!"

Adalynn: "I can't do this, hot dogs are disgusting!"

Everett: "Don't say a word, I know how bad it looks."

Josie: "Focus... FOCUS."

Everett: "Haha, you'll never beat tiger boy!"

Josie: "I can't believe I lost to my little brother."

Weird Lady: "Ughhhh, those hot dogs made me sick."

Are you sure it's not your face?

Rio: "Ah, so we meet again."

It's time to see how cute Everett turns out!

Wow, he turned out very handsome!

Maisy: "Hi, handsome grandson."

Quit hitting on your grandson.

Josie: "Why is grandma flirting with Everett?! That's so wrong!"

Emmie: "I wonder what this stick thingy tastes like?"

Emmie: "It's not very good but oh well."

Atley: "Why are you letting my kid eat her toys?!"

Chelsie: "Do you want some milk or did you get full on your toys?"

Hennah: "I'm soaking wet, time to go lay on the couch!"

Bad dog, stop making a bigger mess!

Emmie: "What kind of toys can I find to eat in here?"

Emmie: "Is anyone going to pay attention to me?"

I'm not ready for our cutie to grow up!


Emmie: "Being a kid is awesome!"

Emmie decided to go to the park by their house, some creepy guy was hiding by a tree when she got there.

Emmie: "I changed my mind, I don't want to go down the slide!"

Emmie: "Oww, I thought sand was supposed to be softer than that."

Creepy Guy: "What is that kid complaining about?"

Emmie: "Do you see that purple lady with the blue hair?!"


  1. They're so crazy..and hilarious x')
    I adore them :3
    Everett is beautiful, and Emmie is so cute :D

  2. I just can't get enough of this family.

  3. me neither i can't get enough, they are all so weird but funny weird ^^