Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 170

Cambrie: "I see you watching me bathe, creep!"

Cambrie: "Mom's going to be sooo mad at me!"

Cambrie: "Wait, I can just blame it on dad."

Dream: "What is this? It looks like a child in a pod or something."

Time for Zacharie's birthday!

It looks like everyone is ready for some cake!


He's adorable... and derpy!

Zacharie: "I'm an adorable derpy baby?!"

I can't take my eyes off of him, he's just so cute.

Avia: "Here comes the tickle monster!"

Breyden: "These stairs, they're so beautiful."

Zacharie: "I'm just going to pretend nobody is watching me potty."

Breyden: "Can you stop watching our kids potty?"

Natalie: "Hello, gramps."
Stalker Baby.

Melvin: "Why doesn't the baby stalk me?"

Lucas: "Yay for stalker babies, maybe I will be stalked next!"

Avia: "Do you wanna..."
Lucas: "...try for another baby?"
Avia: "You read my mind."

I can't wait for the 4th baby, I hope he/she looks as adorable as the rest of the kids!

Andrew: "Now say Grandpa Andrew is my favorite!"

Zacharie: "But mommy and daddy are my favorite!"

Cambrie isn't very good at painting but she's slowly getting better.

Cambrie: "I'm horrible at painting and I'm horrible at this stupid game."

Cambrie: "Sand makes everything better!"

Natalie: "I want to play in the sand!"

Time for our little Natalie to grow up so she can finally play in the sand!


Still adorable! I love her kitty ears.

Natalie: "I have cat ears? Does that mean I'm a cat?!"

Baby #4 is on the way!

Andrew: "You're such a good cow plant. Don't worry, I'll get you a tasty neighbor to eat soon."

People always say that pregnant women glow but I didn't know they meant like this.

Melvin: "It looks like you're enjoying that bottle, want to give me a little?"

Avia: "Time to cast the ugly out of your face!"
Ugly Townie: "But I'm not ugly, stop!"

Aubrey: "I hope Avia doesn't try to cast a spell on me!"

I can't believe he's taking Melvin, it's too soon!

Melvin Baudelaire
December 20, 2012 - March 8, 2013

Grim Reaper: "You have an awful book selection."

Avia: "Why do you come here and take away our precious pets and family members?"
Grim Reaper: "It's my job, now let me read my book."

Aubrey: "The Grim Reaper is so rude!"

Stache: "Hey... hey... don't ignore me, I want a kitty kiss."

Eww, get off of the counter!
Stache: "Why? I'm just cleaning myself."

Cambrie: "Get the cat off of the counter, I'm trying to eat!"

Stache: "Mwahahaha! I guess you realize by now that I was sent here to clean myself in inappropriate places!"

The witch gnomes really creep me out.

Cambrie: "Aha, I have an idea!"
Avia: "I have some strange children."

Stache: "I cleaned myself right by your plate but I never got to sniff you, come here."

Cambrie: "Why does the new cat have to sniff me, why?!"
Avia: "I don't know but he tried to rub himself on me earlier!"

Wow, there's some emotional Sims around here today.

Natalie: "Who's a pretty kitty? Dream is!"

Natalie: "I'm a pretty kitty too, right?"

Meet Stache! He's the newest family member from Calista's Crazy Colorful Cats.

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