Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 167

After all of the wedding drama the Baudelaire's decided to move to a new town to start over, Avia didn't want to run into Ryan all the time... that would be very awkward.

Breyden: "I miss Sunlit Tides."

Lucas: "This place sucks."

Dream: "I don't understand why everyone hates this place so much..."

Dream: "...It's the perfect place to sit outside and lick myself all day."

Lucas: "Hey, why don't we go inside and get started on that family that you wanted?"

These two never take their hands off of each other.

Lucas: "He's watching us again, isn't he?"
Andrew: "Yep."

Lucas: "I'm already being stalked? I feel like I'm a part of the family already."

Lucas: "You look sooo good."
Avia: "Oh yeah? Why don't we start on our family?"

Lucas: "Really?! I don't know why we haven't started already!"

Dream is loving her new kitty room!

Avia: "You put too much pepper in your food, Grandpa!"
Andrew: "I think you're right!"

Avia: "It's okay, it still tastes awesome."

Avia: "You better watch out while I'm practicing my magic!"

Avia: "I'm so sick, all of that pepper in Grandpa's food upset my stomach."

Avia threw up all night.

Ayla: "You know it's not the food that made her sick..."

Dream: "Come here, you look like you would smell nice."

Dream: "You smell okay, you may go away now."

I love this beautiful view!

Melvin: "Where's our food?"
Isis: "Yeah, drop some food for us."

Avia: "I can't believe I'm married!"
Just like her Grandma.

Lucas: "I can't believe I'm married either... Do you know why? There's no ring on my finger."
You do realize you're on fire, right?

Lucas: "My butt is on fire! Someone help!"
I'm glad he finally noticed his toasted tushy.

And this is exactly why I put the bathroom next to the skill room, Baudelaire's seem randomly burst into flames while inventing. 

Lucas: "This is lookin' nice, I'm getting pretty good at inventing."

Really? It doesn't look like you are.

Lucas: "Something went terribly, terribly wrong!"

Dream: "Hahaha, stupid Sim."

Lucas: "I'm tired of that cat picking on me."

Isis: "You wake up and feedz me meow?"

Dream: "Isis suspects nothing..."

It's graduation time!

Ayla: "What are you looking at?"
Umm, that broken umbrella, I think you need to invest in a new one.

Aubrey: "Ahhh... rain tastes funny!"

Breyden: "Did I really marry her?"

Breyden: "What is wrong with me?!"
Andrew: "I've been asking that since you were born."

Generation 18 is on the way, I can't wait to see this little one!

Andrew is a master chef now, he flips all of his food.

Lucas: "WHOA! That is hot!!!"

Lucas: "Wait... what are you doing?! Please don't hurt me."

Lucas: "Stop, please. Don't hurt me!"
Such a wimp.
Dream loves rubbing on the carpet, she's so cute!

Dream: "I know I'm cute, does that mean I get catnip?"

Lucas: "Tickle, tickle, tickle!"
Avia: "Hahaha, stop!"

Lucas: "Hey, don't pinch me, that hurt."

Getting bigger!

Lucas: "I don't think I'm ready to be a dad!"