Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 169

Avia: "This toilet is disgusting!"

Lucas: "Come give me a kiss."
Avia: "But you haven't brushed your teeth today!"

Lucas: "We look good."
Avia: "Yeah we do."

It's so cute! It would be a lot cuter if it didn't look like he was eating her face.

Avia: "Will you hurry?"

Melvin: "Woohoo... someone around here is woohooing."

Avia: "Did you have a nice little nap?"

Lucas: "Yay! I can invent more stuff now!"

Lucas: "Here comes the tickle monster!"

Dream: "I want tickles."

Avia decided to go for a swim since the weather is a little warmer.

Avia: "Wait, wait, wait... so you're trying to tell me that I'm not allowed to swim just because I'm pregnant?! I don't think so."

Ayla: "Do you see what's happening?"
Yes and I don't like it!

Ayla Baudelaire

November 13, 2012 - March 5, 2013

Andrew: "What's happening? Where is my wife going?"

Ayla: "Please, please don't take me! I want to stay with my family!"

Dream: "Get that Grim Reaper out of here!"

Baby #2 is almost here!

Melvin: "Two kids... please tell me that's the last one."

That creepy llama mascot dropped off some stuff.

And it looks like Andrew found it, take that shirt off!

Lucas: "I wanted the university stuff."

Baby #2 is a bouncing baby girl!
Introducing, Natalie Baudelaire!

It was a rainy day the day Natalie was born.

It looks like someone decided to take a bath!

Baby Natalie's birthday is here, it's time to see who she looks like!

Lucas: "She's going to look just like me!"


I'm in love.
She might be one of the most adorable Baudelaire babies ever!

Isis: "What about me... am I adorable?"

Lucas: "Please tell the kitty she's adorable, don't hurt her feelings."

Of course we have to take a picture of the cute potty face.

Natalie: "Why do you watch me potty?"
Because I can.

Bed time!
Natalie: "Don't leave, I'm not ready for bed."

Melvin likes to watch the babies sleep and he howls at them for some weird reason.

Oooh... baby #3 maybe?

Natalie: "Baby #3, I'm not enough for you?!"

Cambrie: "Just move me closer to the cake so I can grab a bite!"


She's still a clone of Avia, adorable!

Natalie: "Let me out of here, I hate sleeping!"

Screaming babies scare Isis.

Avia is getting big, I can't wait to see the new baby, I'm hoping for a boy!

Dream sleeps everywhere, she's so cute when she sleeps.

Cambrie: "Okay, you creepy thing stay there and never come near me again."

Andrew: "Can we burn that creepy imaginary friend?"

Avia: "I need to practice my magic, some random townies will be the perfect thing to practice on."

Avia: "With this spell I will rid you of that hideous face!"
Ugly Townie: "But I like my hideous face."

Very Ugly Townie: "I'm next!"
I don't think anything can fix your face.

Avia went into labor on her way home.
Avia: "I need to make it home, I don't want to give birth on the street!"

After running home, Avia went into the backyard and had a little boy!
Introducing, Zacharie Baudelaire!

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