Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 171

Avia is getting so big!

Natalie: "Get out, I'm trying to take a bath and take that nasty trash with you."

Natalie: "I'm tired of nobody else cleaning up around here, these leaves make the yard looks so dirty."

Natalie: "But they're SO fun to play in!"

Natalie played in the leaves for hours.

And then Lucas came out to join her, he's just like a big kid!

Andrew: "I wanted to play in the leaves."
Just stay inside and pet your kitty.

I think Dream enjoyed her belly rubs.

Natalie: "I'm a kitty, I want belly rubs too!"

It has snowed for days, I don't think it will ever stop.

Avia: "Where is everyone?! I'm in labor and need someone here with me!"
Stache: "Well, I'm here, did you forget about me?"

You got your wish, Andrew is here!
Avia: "Yeah, I didn't want someone that would add to the panic."

Nobody else showed up for the birth so Avia went to an area alone to have her baby.
Introducing, Brynlie Baudelaire!

Natalie: "Hi, nice to meet you little baby."

Andrew: "You are such an adorable little pod baby!"

Natalie: "Since the new baby has been born I've been ignored, you're my new best friend."

Dream: "Meoooow! I'm having a child too!"

It looks like Dream and Stache are parents! Meet Callum!

Avia: "We have a kitty... you got me a kitty?!"

Avia: "Look how tiny and adorable he is!"

Callum is the perfect mix of his parents.

He takes after his mom!

Callum: "Hi, mommy. Do I get my nuzzles now?"

Dream: "Who are you?!"
Callum: "Mom! I'm your baby!"

Stache is completely oblivious to everything.

Breyden: "Don't worry, your mommy is just moody, I'm sure you will get nuzzles soon."

Stache: "Feathers... prepare. to. die!"


Wow, you look a lot like that creepy llama mascot.
Brynlie: "Nooo, no. I'm not related to that llama mascot in any way..."

Brynlie: "Seriously, don't you have enough potty pictures?"

I'm starting to think Andrew is the only Sim around here that cares about the toddlers.

Where are you going in all of this snow?!

I don't think ice skating at night is the best idea.

Natalie: "I think you're right!"

Zacharie: "Natalie better make it home in time for my birthday party!"


I love those green eyes and red hair.

Aubrey: "How many birthdays have we had today???"

Callum: "This big bowl of food is all mine?!"


Callum: "Can I sleep with you?"

I guess that would be a no, Callum loves to sleep on the bathroom counter just like Dream.

And this couch is owned by the cats, no Sims allowed.

Cambrie: "Are you ready for this? I am."

Cambrie is a clone of Avia, if she had the same clothes and hair I wouldn't be able to tell them apart.

Lucas: "My daughter is beautiful just like her momma!"

Cambrie: "Really? Thanks, Dad."

Don't let a Baudelaire anywhere near something that could blow up, this happens.

Breyden: "Crazy?! We're not crazy!"

Isis: "Everyone is going crazy, I have to get out of here!"