Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 135

Roux: "I smell an innocent child that needs to be pounced on."

Spencer: "Don't even think about it."

Spencer: "I told him not to think about it!"

Spencer: "Why is the new puppy so mean?"
I feel so bad for her, Roux is a mean little thing.

Lyrica: "Why would Roux be so mean to the kid?"

Lyrica: "I'm so ashamed of Roux, he gives all dogs a bad name."

Spencer: "And then the mean puppy pounced on me and knocked me to the ground."
Carlee: "Don't worry, you're safe from him now."

Iso went over to check on Spencer, she was a little afraid after what happened with Roux but she realized Iso just wanted to help.

Time for Roux to age up!

He hasn't changed much, hopefully he is nicer now.

Alesana barely had any time alone because someone was always holding her, playing with her or cuddling her.

I still have my fingers crossed for a little boy!

Colette: "I don't know if I'm ready to have three kids!"

Spencer learned all of her skills and everything else just in time for her birthday, she was ready to blow out her candles!

Wesley: "Yay, we get cake!"
The first time he shows up to a party without a green stink trail he has no clothes on.

Iso: "Oh, are we having a party?"

*Derpy Sparkles*

She's still so cute!

It seems like this pregnancy is going slower than they usually do.

Gamble: "There is a third kid on the way and I'm still waiting for someone to come and take the two we already have!"

Colette: "Roux! I'm having a baby, I need you to go get someone and let them know!"

Roux never went to get someone so Colette had a baby boy all alone, I finally got a boy!
Introducing, Myloh Baudelaire!

Kassius: "Oh man, does he ever shower???"

Lyrica sleeps pretty much all of the time.

Iso: "Do you have a problem? Don't shake water all over me."

Alesana: "Don't get water on me!"

Kassius: "The dog is spreading water all over the house, I hope he doesn't get it on my painting!"

Roux doesn't like anyone but Iso does, he loves to play with everyone.

Iso: "Do I smell waffles? You made those for me, right?"

Myloh's infant days flew by and it was party time once again, of course Wesley invited his green stink trail again.

Colette: "I've got some bad arm muscles!"
Focus on your kids party.


And I'm in love.

I think it's safe to say everyone else was in love too.

Myloh: "Everyone loves me?!"

Spencer: "Hey, don't forget I'm here too."

Iso: "How many times do I have to tell you to get out of my face?"

Gamble: "Sorry Dad, sorry."

Myloh has to be one of the cutest Baudelaire babies ever, even though he has blonde hair he reminds me a lot of Chance.

Wesley: "I love my adorable baby boy."

Myloh: "Everyone loves me, I've got them wrapped around my little finger."
Including me! I'm guessing you will be heir.

Myloh: "Heir? What is this heir thing that you speak of?"

Even Alesana loves her little brother, she would do anything to protect him.

Wesley: "Look what I found! Can we keep him?"
Put the poor kid down.

Yes, traumatize him with the claw, that's exactly what we want to do! Not.

That's much better.

Gamble: "Now, I must dance!"
Iso: "I'm not related to that."

Gamble: "That's a very interesting painting."

Wesley: "I want to try to surprise my wife with a trip somewhere."

Colette has no idea that Wesley is booking a flight to a beautiful vacation destination.

Wesley: "Uh oh, she almost heard me."

Myloh: "Daddy is sneaky, Mommy will never know!"

Colette didn't find out where they were going until the plane touched down, they will spend a week in France since they never got an official honeymoon!


  1. Having fun with pose player, I see ;)
    Myloh is so CUTE <3
    Random idea, but I was wondering if I could use a Baudelaire for my challenge?
    ~ Danielle Smores

    1. I love pose player, there needs to be more toddler poses though.
      I don't really want to give any Baudelaire's to anyone, I hope that doesn't sound selfish but I feel really protective over the Baudelaire's. :P

    2. Agreed. More toddler poses pleaseee n_n
      And no worries, I totally understand!

  2. What on Earth was Spencer wearing? LOL