Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 138

Colette: "Mommy loves you so much, your Daddy might not be here but you will always know what a great person he was."

Colette: "Oh no...the bees are out!"

Colette: "Everybody run!!!"
I'm confused, are we running from the bees or the creeper ice cream truck?

Spencer: "Mom's getting attacked by bees?!"
You're a little late.. she was attacked days ago.

The infant days didn't last long, it's time for Zayne's birthday!

Everybody gather around for the party, don't look too excited.

Spencer: "Do we get cake?"


Zayne: "Do you love me? I'm adorbz, right?"
Zayne looks so much like Star!

Kassius: "You go potty in this thing."
Zayne: "What's wrong with diapers?"

Myloh loves his little brother.

Colette loves seeing her babies get along.

Zayne: "How does this thing make that strange noise?!"

Alesana: "Hello big sister, how are you doing???"
I don't like the way Alesana looks at Spencer sometimes, she's creepier than the ice cream truck!

Kassius: "What's up?"
Spencer: "Magical things Grandpa, magical things."

Spencer: "Whoa! That didn't work out like it was supposed to!"

Spencer: "What just happened?!"
Magical things?

Spencer: "That made me feel strange."
It made you look strange too.

Roux: "What kind of weird things are going on upstairs?"

Spencer: "I think I've got it now!"

Spencer: "This bread is stale!"

Spencer: "Why don't we have any fresh bread in this house?"

Zayne: "I don't care if we don't have any fresh bread as long as we have fresh milk!"

Spencer has been inventing things, she's getting pretty good!

Zayne: "I don't think that will turn out very well.."

Colette's garden is looking so good!

Iso: "I've told you a million times to stay out of my face!"

Kassius has always loved teaching the kids how to walk.

Kassius: "Haha! You failed at walking!"
That's it, he's done interacting with the kids.

Myloh is our little scientist!

Spencer: "Ow ow ow! How did my butt catch on fire?!"

Spencer: "Somebody put me out!!!"

It's always one disaster after another around here.

Lyrica: "Levitating powers activated!"

It felt like this day would never come, time for Alesana to age up!

Myloh: "When do I get another party?!"

She still looks so much like Wesley.

Kassius: "All of these birthdays are driving me insane!"
Really? It was birthdays that drove you insane?

Myloh: "If birthdays did that to Grandpa I'm not going to anymore of them!"

Gamble: "Yes, brush that fur."

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  1. This legacy just keeps getting better and better. :D