Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 139

Myloh loves to make the beds, he goes around the whole house and makes the beds before school every morning.

Lyrica: "Don't come near my food."
Cricket: "I won't as long as you don't come near mine."

Alesana: "What's up Mom? Are you making me some evil pancakes like I asked you to?"

Alesana: "Evil pancakes to start off my evil day of school, niiiiccee."

Colette: "I'm tired of making evil pancakes for that kid and taking out the nasty trash too."

Time for Spencer and Alesana to get ready and head to Prom!

Zayne: "You are the greatest Mommy ever."

Colette: "Well, you're the cutest and sweetest little boy ever!"

Zayne: "Yay, it's time for my birthday!"


He's adorable and strange at the same time!

You can't take Lyrica from us!

Colette: "I. can't. handle. this."

Lyrica Baudelaire
July 26, 2012 - October 4, 2012

She ended up fainting three times, I think she gets worse every time someone dies.

Myloh: "We lost Lyrica and then Mom faints every time she moves, this is a horrible day."

Iso: "It's going to be okay, cheer up!"
Iso is so sweet.

Carlee went over to visit Callie and found a baby on the floor, why are the kids always on the floor?!

Carlee: "That poor baby, these are horrible living conditions!"

Callie married a rich guy and had twin girls with him, this is Damaris Baudelaire-Alto!

And her twin, Charlene Baudelaire-Alto! She looks just like Callie!

Myloh finally gets the party he wanted!

Spencer: "Don't even think about blowing that thing."

Myloh: "This feels strange, I changed my mind, I don't want a party!"

Gamble: "I'm watching you."

Gamble: "I'm watching you very close."

Myloh: "This was the best birthday party. EVERRR!"

Gamble: "Get away from me!"

Myloh: "Okay, okay!"

Okay, Gamble is really starting to creep me out.

You were the best birdy ever!

Alesana: "All of those arm exercises are paying off."

Myloh: "Wait...what is 5+5???"
You are cute but not very smart.

Myloh: "That's okay, I would pick being cute over smart any day."
Of course you would.

Spencer: "I'm cute and smart!"
Sure you are...

Yep, she's only cute.

This little dog wandered in somehow and quickly realized he wanted to leave as soon as he could, take me with you!

Now is the time when Star is needed!
Myloh: "How does this thing work?"

Colette: "The house is going to burn down! Everybody out!!!"

Spencer: "I'm going to fix Mom's sprinklers so they will be nice and automatic."

Colette: "Why is she touching my sprinklers?!"

Cricket: "I hope you enjoyed this chapter, you probably didn't see me in this chapter but I saw you."

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  1. LOL! Cricket's face at the end!! I still love that picture!