Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 134

I can't believe Kassius is about to be an elder and Star is still alive, she will probably live longer than him.


I've never seen someone so excited about being an elder!

Right after Kassius aged up Carlee was ready to age up!

She's still so pretty, I love her gray hair with her eyes!

Wesley: "Wanna go make another baby since Spencer is so perfect?"
Colette: "Why not?"

Spencer is a very difficult infant sometimes.

Wesley: "Hello? 911? I have a screaming infant and I don't know what to do with it!"

While Wesley called random numbers trying to figure out how to get Spencer to stop crying, Colette played with her and Spencer was a happy baby once again!

The days flew by and before they knew it, it was time for Spencer to age up! Wesley was excited but Colette was not happy.


Colette: "I don't want my little baby to grow up."

I can't believe how adorable she turned out, I just want to squeeze her!

Colette is always snuggling Spencer, she is such a good Mom.
Spencer: "Mom, are you ever going to put me down?"

Gamble: "I don't like that child, at all."
I think we need to keep an eye on Gamble when he's around Spencer.

Gamble: "Stinky child taking all of the attention away from me."
Iso: "I like the little thing, it smells good."

Spencer spam coming up!

Spencer wasn't happy with Carlee when she was trying to teach her how to talk, she would get upset every few minutes.

But as soon as she got her milk she was a happy baby again!

Gamble: "Where is that guy that is supposed to come and take that child away???"

Carlee: "Oh, this is awful! Why am I stuck with potty duty?!"

Spencer: "Hahaha, clean that dirty potty, old lady."

Colette: "I know I saw something creepy walk by this window!"
You're on the second floor, Colette.

Baby #2 is on the way!

Spencer: "I'm going to be a big sister?!"

Wesley: "What is this green trail following me?.."

Colette decided to spend enough time away from her garden to teach Spencer to walk, she caught on quick and learned to walk in no time!

Gamble: "Excuse me, coming through."

Spencer was a lot happier when Grandpa Kassius tried to teach her how to talk, she's not a big fan of Carlee.

I fear for the future generations if they inherit anything from Kassius.

Colette likes to take a break from everything sometimes so she closes herself in one of the bedrooms and plays with every toy in the toy chest.

There was a little puppy wandering around in the house so Iso decided to introduce himself.

Lyrica didn't like the new puppy very much so she ran away from him as fast as she could.
Roux: "Where are you going?! I just wanted to sniff you!"

Spencer: "This tastes even better than that toxic green milk they give me."

Spencer: "I'm not chewing on something I shouldn't chew on. Nope, nothing to see here..."

While Spencer noms on her toys downstairs, everyone was freaking out upstairs, baby #2 is about to make an appearance!

And it's a beautiful little girl!
Introducing, Alesana Baudelaire!

Colette loves being a Mommy to two little girls, she spends all day in the nursery teaching Spencer and watching over Alesana.

Before they knew it, it was already time for Alesana to age up! Of course Wesley attended the party with a green trail following him like he always does.


Alesana turned out adorable! She got the Baudelaire blue eyes but I'm still wondering where her hair color came from.

Gamble became a good big brother to Roux, little Roux followed Gamble everywhere.

Alesana: "Hey ladies, how you doin'?"

Colette: "Eugh, I'm feeling a little sick again."

Colette: "Why am I so sick???"

A few days later Colette found out why she was feeling so sick, baby #3 is on the way! I'm hoping for a boy this time.

It's official, Roux is here to stay!