Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 136

Wesley: "According to my map we should be about five feet away from the river in France.."

Wesley: "So, are you happy with our vacation so far?"

Colette: "I love it, but I love you more."

Wesley: "I snuck something into my pocket before we left Hidden Springs."
Colette: "What is it?.."

Wesley: "Pretty flowers for my pretty lady."
Colette: "They're beautiful!"

After sitting by the river for a few hours enjoying the view, Wesley decided he wanted to go on a few adventures.

Colette didn't want to, so she let Wesley venture off alone while she went sightseeing.

And away she went!

Wesley: "Wow, every building around here is beautiful!"

If only Wesley knew what he was getting into when he entered that door.

Wesley: "Why is the floor burnt? I don't think this place looks safe."

Wesley: "What was that?! I know I saw something creep by this window!"

Whatever it was it distracted him long enough for the booby traps to work.

Wesley: "I'm not liking this place very much right now."

Every step he takes, he steps into one of these things!

Now is not the time to take a nap!

I think we need to just forget about exploring anymore tombs.

Wesley: "Hey, it's not my fault this keeps happening."

Colette: "Who's that pretty lady in the mirror?"

Colette: "I'm that pretty lady in the mirror!"

Meanwhile back at home Alesana found a strange purple cat sleeping on the counter.

Colette: "Did I forget Wesley in France?"

Colette: "I'm gonna beat you up if you come near my garden!"

Iso: "I'll never go near Colette's garden again!"

Who's this pretty kitty cleaning herself on our counter?

I guess this is the cat that Colette has always wanted!

Cricket: "One day I will get that red dot, one day!"

Cricket: "I've got my eyes on you, lady."
Colette: "Maybe we shouldn't have gotten the cat."

I don't think Cricket likes Iso very much.

It's time for Alesana's party!

Spencer: "I made grilled cheese for the party."


She looks so much like Wesley!

Spencer was happy to finally have someone to play chess with.

Colette: "And while Mommy and Daddy were in France.."
Myloh: "This lady is crazy, who put her in charge of taking care of me?"

No! Bad kitty!

Cricket: "Just keep dreamin', little birdy."

What are you planning?
Cricket: "Nothing..."

Cricket might look odd but that means she fits in perfect with the odd Baudelaire's!


  1. Great chapter! I just love this family so much <3

    By the way to get more photo space you should upgrade to Google+ and you get unlimited space!

    1. I already paid to get up to 20GB of space (I think that's how much it was) I'll try to upgrade though, that would save me about $3 a month. ^_^

      I'm glad you like the Baudelaire's, I love them too. :D

  2. Awe Cricket is so cute. Poor Wesley he didn't have much luck in France.