Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 131

Brenaden: "I wonder if anyone would notice if I just left my dirty plate there."

Brenaden: "Mom found my dirty plate and got mad at me."

Mason and Riley's second son, Guy!

The triplets decided to go to the park, when they got there Colette saw this creepy looking guy and did not approve.
Creeper: "I think someone is watching me!"

Colette: "Boo, you're ugly!"

The park had three swings, perfect for triplets!

Colette played alone while Callie and Jayce played tag.

Then Colette met this strange old lady.
Don't talk to strangers, Colette!

Mason and Guy were there!

Colette: "Turn your phone on silent, it's driving me crazy!!!"

Brenaden: "Umm, I don't think pancakes are supposed to be crunchy."

The days flew by and the triplets birthday was here once again!

Chance: "I don't think that is necessary, son."

Colette is beautiful and still looks just like Chance!

Jayce is still awkward and cute.

Callie surprised me, I can't believe how pretty she is now!

They've grown up so fast.  :')

It's there, it's always there.. watching.

Colette: "Why is it always watching? WHY?"

Colette: "Always. It never leaves, never!"

Colette: "With this potion I can blow up that stalker ice cream truck!"

Callie: "Please get a room!"

Colette: "My plan to blow up the ice cream truck went horribly wrong."

Iso: "I love this place, I can chew all the furniture!"
Wait.. who are you and where did you come from?!

Iso: "You don't know who I am? But I was sent here to be your perfect little doggy, don't you want to keep me?"
We are definitely keeping this cutie!

After everyone realized there is a new dog in the house they started to warm up to him, Lyrica was the first to play with him and she loved him.

Callie: "I like the new dog, can we have another?"

Colette: "But I wanted a kitty!"
Jayce: "Girls and their mood swings, eugh."

Colette: "I wanted a cat, can you meow instead of bark?"

Iso: "Get away from me you crazy lady, I will never meow, I growl!"

Colette: "I don't think the new cat likes me."
He's a dog!

Chance decided to teach Iso to hunt, Iso caught on quick and goes out to hunt for gems every evening.

Kassius: "Mwahahaha, evil little doggy is in my way."

Kassius: "Hey little doggy, wanna join the evil side???"

Chance: "I cannot stand this madness anymore!"

Brenaden: "Fried chicken comin' up! I can't wait for it's crunchy goodness."

Brenaden: "My chicken has been frying for one, two, derp."
That's not the deep fryer, Brenaden...

Star *Om nom nom*

Star: "That sandwich was awesome, should I have another? Hmmm."

Iso: "I smell stupid people."
You will be smelling that for a looong time around here.

I don't even want to know what is going on here.

Iso: "Get out of my yard you ugly little gnomes!"

Chance: "I hate cooking burgers, they always burn me!"

The Baudelaire's got a new feathery friend!

Hershey: "Do you not love me since you got a birdy?"

Chance: "I shall name you...Piglet!"

Kassius: "Does anyone else see those Z's???"

Kassius: "I'm serious, does anyone else see them?!"

Colette: "Party over here, I guess."

Lyrica and Iso: "Why don't you two oldies get a room?"

Chance: "I sparkle because I'm an awesome old man."

I don't think that's why Chance was sparkling.  ;_;
Chance was and always will be one of my favorite Baudelaire's, he was adorable all through his life, accomplished so much and will never be forgotten!

Chance Baudelaire
May 26, 2012 - August 31, 2012

Colette: "I just can't handle this, don't take my Grandpa!"

Lyrica went into labor before the Grim Reaper even left the house and had two adorable puppies, Iso is the Daddy!
Lyrica: "Are these little things mine?"

Star: "YES! Puppies!"

Colette: "Puppies? But don't we have enough animals already? And I still want a cat!"

This furry little dude is Gamble!
Gamble: "HAI!"

And this little one is Fable! They both got pretty much all of Lyrica's looks and Iso's personality.

Lyrica is already tired of being a Momma but they are so adorable!

Gamble: "Who are you callin' adorable?"

Do you love the new family members? I didn't expect three new doggies when Iso joined the family but I wouldn't want it any other way.


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    1. Her hair is called "Newsea Holic" but it's a retexture by Paintstroke. ^_^

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  5. What is a graphics card?