Monday, November 12, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 132

Gamble: "Hai, welcome back! Why don't you take my paw and read through the chapter with me?"

Fable: "Target acquired, must destroy!"

Kassius: "I hear that Fable is chewing up the furniture, I have taught him the evil ways."

Iso: "Kassius turned my puppy evil? What is happening around here?!"

Star: "But I wanted to brush the dog!"
There's plenty of them, I'm sure you can find one lurking around somewhere.

Callie: "Dad! I hear you are planning on taking over the world and having an evil empire, I think I have a few ideas."
Jayce: "What's going on over there? I know it can't be good."

Callie: "If you team up with the ice cream truck, imaginary friend and creeper gnomes I think you can have a huge army, isn't that an awesome idea?"

That feeder looks so huge compared to them.

Callie: "That dog kibble makes me sick, get it out of here!"

I swear Gamble knows he is adorable.

Just like Iso, they are so much alike!

Iso: "Look at my little pup, he's going to grow up to be just like me."

Iso: "Do you see my adorable furry baby?!"

Fable: "What about me, am I adorable?"

Colette enjoys her evenings outside playing hopscotch.

Colette: "If you keep watching my every move I'm gonna beat you up!"

Colette: "Eugh! Enough of this stupid chess game, I can never win!"

Colette: "What have I done."

Kassius: "My plan is working, all of my children are turning evil, soon I will have my little army of evil, red haired Baudelaire children!"

This never ends well.

That's gotta hurt.

Fable tripped and fell at the same exact time. Like father, like son!

Iso, he watches you sleep.

Carlee: "Does Iso really watch everyone sleep?"


Well, he turned out cute but a little strange looking.

The party is over, you two can carry on with your evening routine now.

Iso: "What is going on over there? Something very strange is happening."

Gamble: "I'm totally adorable, right?"

Gamble: "What are you looking at???"

Gamble: "That guy is not right in the head."
You got that right!

The more this happens, the less it shocks me.

When Brenaden got ready to celebrate his party only two Baudelaire's attended, poor kid.

Brenaden is officially a young adult!

Kassius: "Why does he have the same hair as me? It's like looking at the male version of my wife!"

Callie: "My Bro turned out pretty cute!"

Callie: "Ha, not."

Ready to party?
Colette: "Yeah, sure..."

Iso: "Can I have some cake?"

Star: "Get the dog away from the cake before he slobbers on it!"

I can't believe how fast Colette has grown up, I can't wait to see her babies!

Star: "You really are a strange child."

Star: "This kid has officially creeped me out, maybe he will just go away if I ignore him."

Colette: "Am I pretty? Do you like my outfit?"

Jayce doesn't really look like a Baudelaire, he stands out.

Callie: "Watch me make my wish to be heir!"

Star: "How did the cake just burst into flames for no reason at all?!"

Kassius: "Mwahahaha! The house is going to burn down, YES!!!"

Jayce: "Umm, Dad?... Are you okay?"
You should know by now that your Dad is not okay.

Callie: "You like what you see? Yeah? Well get used to it because I'm heir now."
Nice try but Colette is heir.

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