Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 105

Let's party for half naked Sims!

Maddox: "This does not feel right!"

Maddox: "Oh yeah, I look smexyyy."

Heartleigh: "I don't think I'm in a good spot!"

Heartleigh: "Awww man, come on! Did you have to fart in my face?!"

The first few times this happened I got worried but now it's just an everyday occurrence around here.

Peyson: "Maybe I should find something else to do, I don't really like blowing myself up everyday."

It's a rat!
Oh wait... that's just MilkyWay.

Hurley: "One wrong move and I could defeat myself."

Cylee: "The old guy is behind me again, isn't he?"
You know that's your husband, don't you?
Cylee: "Whatever, he creeps me out."

Maddox: "She won't let me use the ice cream maker!"
Get out of here, you don't live here anymore you mooch!

Maddox: "So you are really kicking me out? Can't I live in this awesome house a little longer?"
No... out.

Who is this guy?!
Meet the Baudelaire's newest doggy, Valiant!

All of the pets already love Valiant!

All of the Baudelaire's do too!
Valiant: "Gimme the rope toy!"

Caden: "I love you, you big furry doggy."

Valiant: "This is awkward."

One of the Baudelaire's paid a visit to some of the kids of the past generations, here is Alex's daughters, Faye and Antoinette!

And Ella's odd looking kids, Abner, Omari, and Ralph!
Their odd names fit their odd looks.

Remember Cylee's older brother, Leighland? This is his little girl, Carolyn!

Caden: "Ouch, I burnt my finger."

Brighton: "That's why I'm just making milk and eggs, can't burn yourself that way."

Caden: "Ta Da, fried chicken coming up!"

What did you do, Caden?!
Hurley: "Oh my gosh! The house is on fire, the house is on fire!"
Brighton: "Chill dude, I got this."

Caden: "I thought I turned that thing off???"

Caslyn: "We need to remember this moment in Caden's stupidity, let me take a picture."

Caden: "Shut up, Dad."

Heartleigh: "I'm a pretty princess, now bow down and clean my pretty shoes."

Heartleigh: "Now I'm a scientist, I'm a jack of all trades."

Double the experiments, double the risk of explosions.

Valiant: "This is NOT going to end well."
Yep, you better run!

Peyson: "I don't think my hair can take many more explosions."

First you were a princess, then a scientist... what now, a crispy Sim?
Heartleigh: "Shut it."

Is Heartleigh going to be a big sister soon?!

Caden: "Eugh, I don't feel so well."
Maybe it was that treehouse woohoo?

Twixx: "Come play with me!"
Reagle: "Not now, son."

Reagle wasn't in the mood to play but Valiant was.

Peyson loves baths, she needs to clean that explosion off of her.

I got a new computer so when I transferred the Baudelaire's over to my new computer all of them made it through fine except for Feathers. Rest in peace Feathers!

Cylee: "You're pregnant?!"

Caden: "Told ya she wouldn't take the pregnancy news very well."
Cylee doesn't take anything well, at least she didn't faint.

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