Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 103

Heather: "Awesome, time for me to grow old and eat some cake!"
Nova: "Someone say cake?"

Cylee: "Let's get this party started!!!"

Heather: "Oh yeah... I might have gray hair, a few more wrinkles and I'm a good bit older but I still look awesome!"

Caslyn: "I see you finally caught up to my age group, what do you say about some woohoo?"
Hey, tone it down a bit, there's kids around here.

I'm pretty sure Heather and Caslyn didn't go in there, so who's in there?!

Reagle: "Hey there Mr. Birdy, wanna come down and play?"
Feathers: "No thank you, I'm fine up here, kitty cat."

That's not a fish in there, Vegas!

Presleigh: "Pretty birthday girl, are you ready for your birthday?"
Peyson: "Birthday? Does this birthday include nummy cake?"

Cylee: "No, it can't be... not another birthday!"

Peyson has that shocked look that Cylee is known for, I see a Cylee clone!


Peyson: "I'm not happy with this transition, not happy at all."
Well I am, Peyson has turned out so cute!

NO!!! Don't spoil the birthday fun!

Jaxen never made many appearances in the household, he was usually off doing his own thing and being a loner but he will be missed so much!

Jaxen Baudelaire
January 15, 2012 - March 25, 2012

Heartleigh: "Is there a reason why you haven't taken this creepy thing away and taken it far, far away?"

I tried, it always finds a way back. always.

Eureka: "Uh oh, this feels a little strange!"

Eureka: "Hmm... it wasn't that bad."

Oh my goodness, so many sparkles!
Remember that mysterious doghouse woohoo? Well, it was Vegas and Reagle, they have kittens now!

Peyson: "Where did those fluffy things come from?!"

Cylee: "Yes! Did you hear we just had kittens?!"
Hurley: "Who cares..."

You could be a little more excited, Hurley.

Meet MilkyWay and Twixx!

MilkyWay looks a little strange, like a mixture between a bat and a rat.

Twixx is just so adorable with his little chocolate mustache!

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