Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 104

We're going to start this chapter off with a Baudelaire birthday! Let's get Heartleigh's party started!

It never fails... there's always at least one Baudelaire not fully dressed for birthday parties.

Caden: "FIRE!"
Hurley: "Anybody else smell something burning?"

Peyson: "Oh my gosh, those poor counters are going to be ruined."
Peyson you better get out of here, you're a potential heiress, I can't lose you!

You're a great help putting out the fire, Cylee!

When all else fails you can always get an old man to stick a fire extinguisher hose up your butt, right?

Well, the fire ruined a cake and some counters but the party is still on! Party time for little Heartleigh!

Cylee: "FIRE!!! Everybody out now!"
Cylee, we are done with that now, you are just a bit behind...


Heartleigh: "Derp."
Presleigh: "What just happened here?"
Brighton: "The cake is spoiled, it's just ruined, the whole day is ruined!"

Heartleigh: "I'm so pretty, I know you will choose me as heiress, I just know it."

Hey! Get your furry self off of that counter!
Reagle: "Who? Me?"

Did you two have anything to do with the cat on the cabinet?

Heartleigh: "Wasn't me."
Peyson: "I dunno what you're talking about."

Midnight gardening... the only way anyone should garden.

Cylee: "Why does my painting have to be so ugly?! WHY?!"

Peyson: "I have crafted the potion that can end the world! Mwahahaha!"

That's just stink juice, Peyson...

Brighton: "I wish the dude in the bunny slippers would shut up or disappear."

Really? You know that wish can be granted.

Brighton: "Ahhhhh!!! Oh my gosh, it's so pretty!"

Brighton: "Where are these sparkles coming from, they feel strange!"

Eureka: "Now THIS was a strange chapter."


  1. when you look at your overview of the blog, do you see a lot of views by vampirestat.com or something? my sims 3 blog is always getting web traffic from them and i was wondering if they "stalk" your blog too

    1. I never look at where most of the traffic comes from but I just checked and there's no traffic from there, most of mine comes from Tumblr, other blogs and Facebook.