Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 334

Cadienne: "It's a beautiful day, not as beautiful as me though."

So vain.

Cadienne: "I'm not vain!"

The Baudelaire's love butterflies, there's so many inside.

Cadienne: "Well, here's one more for the collection."

Hadley: "This house is going to be infested with bugs, I'm getting out of here just in time."

Topher: "Grandma is leaving me with the bugs?!"

Goodbye, Hadley!

Hadley Baudelaire
April 4, 2015 - October 19, 2015

Brenner: "I love sad things so much!"

Topher: "You're an evil old man."

Grim: "Phew, someone needs to clean up around here."

Grim: "We don't have fun stuff like this where I live."

Grim: "I'm definitely coming back here!"

I'm sure you're not used to sunlight where you're from either.

Knightlee: "Why is he still here???"

Knightlee: "Is he here for Brenner? Let him take him."

Cadienne: "Maybe I can get this shot, I never do."

Topher: "Wait, I'm not ready to age up!"

Topher: "I guess it's not that bad!"

Max is always peeing on the floor!

Syrah: "Max, you're disgusting!"

Leighton: "Why isn't that dog trained?!"

There's so many minor pets in Appaloosa Plains, the pets find most of them.

Chaos loves to follow Weston around.

Wait... she's having puppies!!! 

Chaos and Max had two puppies! They are the cutest puppies ever, they're both boys.

Weston: "I was trying to enjoy my plasma juice."

Syrah: "More pets? YES!!!"

Weston: "Look at how cute they are!"

This is Mochi! He joined the Cohen family, he has already lived his life but you can search the tags on Catlover800's Simblr and see how he lived his life!

This is the heir! I'm in love with Templeton's ears and colors, he's probably the cutest puppy in the dog legacy so far.

Max is a good daddy!

Chaos: "Now I must hunt to feed my children!"

And they're off to destroy things!

Minnie: "Why do we have two small dogs in the house?!"

Templeton loves tv!

Mochi does not... 

Victory: "I'll cheer the little guy up."

Kingsley: "Why is the puppy upset?!"

I can't get over that face!

You should get ready for a bunch of puppy pictures!


  1. Oh my goodness Templeton is amazing!

    1. Iso has always been my favorite but Templeton is definitely a new favorite, I love him. :D