Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 335

This never happens in my game!
I was so happy to catch Minnie greeting the kids when they came home.

Cadienne: "Aren't you adorable!"

Templeton: "I did not trip, you have no proof."

I'm not ready for Leighton to age up!

She's still a pretty elder though!


Weston is rocking that knit sweater!

Leighton: "I'm old! Oh, and I'm on fire!"

Leighton has some hot buns!

Brenner: "I planned that, hehehe."

Kingsley: "It's time for my birthday too!"

Kingsley makes me want to do double heir.

Take a shower!

Chaos: "I'm just protecting my food from my kids, they eat everything."

Kingsley: "Homework got harder when I got older."

School wears her out, she passes out as soon as she gets home.

Brenner got a gem cutting machine, hopefully it doesn't wake everyone up.

Beautiful gem!

Brenner: "This is so spicy it will make smoke blow out of your ears!"

Brenner: "I can make everything evil."

Time for Casper to age up and move out! So many birthdays in this chapter.

Casper: "Wait a minute, you never said I had to move out."

Templeton: "He's not the smartest guy, is he?"

Handsome! If Leighton and Weston stopped having kids when he was born he would be heir.

Queeny: "Smoochie, smoochie!"

It's already birthday time for Minnie!

She looks a lot like Victory, I love her markings.

The music room doesn't get used much, Cadienne has been using it though.

Cadienne: "And I'm tired, time for bed."

Minnie: "What is this?"

Minnie: "I'm attacking it whatever it is!"

Chaos: "Be quiet, I'm trying to sleep!"

Max: "Let's make more noise!"

Weston: "Hey, want to come home with me?"

Weston: "I caught the coolest bird."

This is the coolest lizard!

Leighton! Be careful!

Leighton: "I was trying to be careful!"

Chaos: "Time for your daily grooming."

Minnie looks so cozy!

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