Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 331

Kingsley is awake and ready to age up!


Kingsley: "I'm the cutest kid in this family!"

He is pretty cute! I don't know about the cutest though.

Kingsley: "Am I the cutest?"

Echo: "Nope, that's ME."

Appaloosa Plains is so pretty today!

Maybe the Baudelaire's will venture outside and have fun.

Brenner: "Shhh, I want to catch this butterfly."

Brenner: "Got it!"

And Weston got a lizard!

Brenner's garden is looking awesome, I bet the zombies will try to destroy it.

Brenner: "Not tonight, I'll run them off."

Brenner, I think you have an audience. 

Appaloosa Plains is a hot spot for aliens, they're always flying by.

Knightlee: "This place is filthy!"

Brenner: "It's not filthy, I just cleaned earlier."

Kingsley: "I left all of the trash on the table, hahahaha."

Kingsley: "But I will blame it on Knightlee."


Cadienne is so pretty! I'm almost 100% positive she will be heiress.

I think this gnome is visiting during the wrong season.

Cadienne: "Party over here!"

Cadienne: "Every day is a party when you're heiress."

Victory found a bird, it's putting up a good fight!

Tempest: "Poor Victory, help her!"

Brenner stepped away from his garden for a few minutes and the zombies attacked!

Zombie: "I think I ate too much."

You think?!

That's what you get, garden destroyer. 

Hadley: "I feel light headed, the zombies make me nervous."

Brenner: "My beautiful garden is ruined!"

Tiger: "Well, then I guess it doesn't matter if I groom by the plants?"

Tiger: "Attack!!!"

Victory and Tempest are so close, Victory will be upset when she moves out.

Tiger: "Pet me."

Tiger: "How can you resist my furry belly?"

Hadley: "I'm so tired of paying bills."

Me too, Hadley.

Brenner got the collection helper LTR so he's off on a late night hunt!

I think this deer might be too!

His first find is a cute little birdy!

And a bunch of pretty fireflies!

Brenner: "I think I've caught enough bugs tonight."

Brenner: "I know I caught more fireflies, why is this jar empty?"

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