Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 325

Max found a new kitty!

Tiegan: "What is your name, kitty?"

Victory: "You're scary!"

She likes the bugs!

Meet Victory! She will be Tiger's mate.

Tiegan: "Why can't we have TWO new cats?"

A little cutie woke up from his nap!

Lima Bean can go through walls but has trouble seeing in the window.

I see so much of Hadley in his eyes, he's exactly the mix of genetics that I wanted when Hadley and Syrah had kids.

Casper: "So am I my grandparents' child?"

Lima Bean: "Fill my food dish!!!"

Pregnant again! What is this, their 20th child?

The two lovebirds are finally meeting!

Victory: "Want to have kittens?"

I guess no kittens today, Victory decided to nap.

Lima Bean joined in on the napping too.

Max: "There was a ghost cat sleeping beside me!"

August: "Your ruler is here, have no fear!"

Tiegan: "I do have fears if she's our ruler."


Topher aged up! One less toddler to care for during the day.


Maybe Moonie won't destroy so much now.


Topher: "Yes, one step closer to getting his bed!"

Handsome! I see a lot of Leighton in his face.

Brenner: "I've seen a ton of births and I'm never ready!"

Tempest: "Another baby, seriously?"

It's a girl! I'm happy that she's having a good mix of boys and girls.

Introducing, Cadienne Baudelaire!

Max: "That baby will never get my food."

Casper: "She might not but I will."

Tiger: "They're both wrong, I will get the food."


So cute! She looks just like Casper but with different eyes.

Oh no, she got one of those creepy things.

Tempest: "I'm glad I didn't get one."

Leighton: "Let's teach you how to use the potty."

So much learning in one day, it's time to learn how to talk too.

Cadienne: "Can I just be a toddler for a day without learning a million things?"

Max: "What are they doing?"

Adkyn: "They're being gross, that's what they're doing."

Victory's traits! Kittens will be coming soon, I can't wait.

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