Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 323

Weston: "You will give me all of your money."

Weston, you're heir... you will inherit all of the money.
It's time for Hadley to age up!

Hadley is an adorable elder!

Syrah: "I'm not ready for this."

Syrah: "Still not ready for this."

Adkyn: "We ride at dawn!"

Leighton: "Yes, you can have ice cream."

Tiegan: "Mom! That's not what I was asking, are you listening to me?"


She's so excited and cute!

She's a clone of Leighton but a vampire like Weston.

Leighton: "Ahhh, the claw will get you if you don't drink your bottle and go to bed."

Tempest: "Where is the bottle she mentioned?"

Learning to walk with matching shoes!

The bottle matches too, can you tell it's my favorite color?

Tempest: "Why is this bottle the same color as my hair and clothes?"

Tempest: "Does it have blueberries in it?!"

Surprise... or not. Baby #5 is on the way!

Tempest: "Will momma ever stop having babies?"

Moonie: "Hi, I haven't destroyed anything in a few days."

I added a workout room to the third floor, Brenner likes it.

Weston: "Workout room, huh? I should go get buff."

Weston seems to favor the vampire kids.

Getting bigger!

August: "I can't wait to meet the new baby!"

Dexter: "Not me, there's too many kids here."


August is so cute! If they stop at 5 kids I think August and Tempest will be in the race for heiress.

Tiger: "Someone boost me up!"

You completed your LTW, now you're just doing it to be mean!

Practicing those musical skills early!

Weston: "Time for another one?"

Leighton: "Yep, you know the drill."

Leighton: "I hope this is the last one."

Weston: "Not me, I want a dozen."

Leighton: "He tells me that and then goes back to bed while I'm in labor?!"

It's a boy! I think he's a vampire too.

Introducing, Topher Baudelaire!

Syrah: "Hi, Topher. I hope you look like me."


Syrah didn't get her wish, we have another clone of Leighton! 

He's also a vampire, he's so cute!

Topher: "Stop watching me potty."

Leighton: "You look just like your mommy, that means you're cuter than everyone else."

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